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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Fails Short of Expectations

Written by: on 30th July 2010 |
Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Fails Short of Expectations  | read this item

Starcrat II Wings of Liberty Players Cry Foul on Glitches – The sequel to the long awaited game, Starcraft was officially released July 27. It was released during a Starcraft II Midnight release event attended by hundreds of Starcraft fans.

Two days after the official release of the game some players are already crying foul over the new Starcraft game. It’s online Facebook page have reached close to 500,000 fans and still increasing. Lots of praises are posted but there are some who reveals some of the glitches in the game.

“Dear Blizzard: You should make it very clear that if you lose connection while playing the campaign your PROGRESS WILL NOT BE SAVED EVEN IF YOU CLICK ‘SAVE.’ I lost connection to bnet shortly after starting it up yesterday, and beat the campaign. Log in today? Nothing saved since the ghost/spectre mission. Thanks,” says Brian Carroll in her post.

Another Facebook fan noticed that in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, Blizzard seem to bank on the long wait for the sequel. They are now charging $60 for one campaign instead of the usual 3 campaigns. Yes, that is right since Blizzard will soon release 2 expansions in the future which contains the Zerg and Protoss campaign.

Starcraft 2 also lacks LAN support which according to the post “is pretty annoying, especially when battle.net goes down”

Other than that in order to play a single player game, a user must log-in to his Battle.net account which for most players including me are not a very good idea.

If all the comments we so far received and heard the most common is the eventual exclusion or lack of LAN support for Starcraft 2. Besides Battle.net people in the neighborhood or on an ordinary network should still be able to play, after all this had been part of the original game.

For others who would like to share their experiences on Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty do post it here. We would love to read about them.

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  1. jk says:

    This is a bit biased! The problem with battlenet not saving but you only need to log on to battlenet once a month (like Steam) and it’s not intrusive.

    If you add your friends you can organise matches directly with them over battlenet instead of LAN, I understand that’s still online but it’s not like you can’t play with them.

    Finally this game has almost 30 missions in 1 campaign. The original had around 10 missions per campaign and 3 campaigns, so there’s no loss in missions. I’d expect zerg and protoss campaigns to be slightly cheaper as core benefits will already be in the main SC2 game.

    overall it’s got a great SP game and I expect to be beaten without mercy online, but there’s replays to learn from matches, a ranking system to matchmake, etc. If you like RTS or blizzard games this is a sure deal since it’ll take up much more of your time than any other $60 of PC games would.

  2. teli says:

    Played during the beta and loved it. Having even more fun now. There is so much more to the game than the campaign. Give it a go. You’ll love it.

  3. sk8erbryan says:

    The game is phenomenal, hands down. In fact I’m surprised the launch has gone as smoothly as it has. Anyone who participated in the beta will tell you the issues that came from millions of people using the system at the same time.

    It’s a risky move channeling everything through battle.net and the web, but I think it’s worth the risk in this case having everything integrated. I don’t think critics understand that if Blizzard went with the standard approach you’d lose a lot of the functionality and features that makes this game great.

    That does stink about losing connectivity. There should be some sort of warning and I’m confident it will be patched soon.

    People who want to complain will, but I’ve yet to hear a single legitimate argument or see a any reason myself not to like this game. Unless of course the argument of the consequences of spending an abnormal amount of time addicted to a computer game, but that’s another issue altogether.

    I’ve played SC off and on since it was released and I for one am beyond impressed with its sequel and look forward to another 10-15 years with the sc2 trilogy.

  4. Jesse says:

    I heard that SC2 menu screen has been shorting out computers. Please email me and let me know if im correct. JesseVargus@gmail.com. Thank you.

  5. Srour says:

    This is pretty much the shortest strategy game campaign ever