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Team Canada: Vancouver 2010 Men’s Ice Hockey Gold Medalist

Written by: on 28th February 2010 |
Team Canada: Vancouver 2010 Men's Ice Hockey Gold Medalist  | read this item

Team Canada is proclaimed as the champions in the Vancouver 2010 Men’s Ice Hockey final game. The game was truly awesome and fantastic. Both teams did a great job, they played hard and they did all their best for their fans and country as well.

But there should only be one winner and that is Team Canada. Team Canada defeated Team USA in the overtime after they tied in the third period. Fans around the world are screaming for their teams. The Men’s Ice Hockey is really exciting and pretty historic.

The game went on climax during the last seconds! The Canadians are so proud that they’ve won and I know they deserve it. They are really good. Both teams are good, but Canada is better.

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