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Test Flights Showed Hopes for European Flights

Written by: on 18th April 2010 |
KLM Test flight
Test Flights Showed Hopes for European Flights  | read this item

Volcanic ashes has been covering the skies of Europe coming from a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Because of these, operations and flights has been cancelled in the major and other airports throughout Europe. This has caused a lot of stranded passengers thus disrupting a lot transactions worldwide. In some countries, stranded European passengers just enjoyed themselves roaming around nearby shopping malls in the airports to lessen boredom.

Cancellation of flights has been made due to the fear that air combined with ashes could potentially damage the engine of the plane. Accordingly, test flights that has been done has showed hopes for flight. Fortunately, based on the latest test flight done by Dutch KLM, results showed that European air space is safe with the exception of Iceland and European transport ministers plan to discuss the results of flight tests at a technical meeting Monday.

KLM has been allowed to have 9 more test flights to further investigate the situation. “I wish to establish, as a matter of urgency, whether some safe flight paths can be identified and opened up to flights,” said British Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis.

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