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The Brighter Side of the Volcanic Ash Chaos

Written by: on 20th April 2010 |
NZ Salmon
The Brighter Side of the Volcanic Ash Chaos  | read this item

The Iceland volcanic eruptions has brought a lot of loss to a lot of European countries lately. As the European skies has been shut off any flights due to harmful ashes, shutting down of a lot of European business are coming along wit it as well. Businessmen who entirely depends on flying their freights to bring to other parts of the world are among those who has been affected badly.

However, as Europe suffers this incident, some countries are getting an unexpected yet timely benefit from it. One of which is the country of New Zealand. New Zealand King Salmon, a fish farm in the country received ten folds of orders of their salmon from different countries entirely because European suppliers specifically Norway and other northern European countries, can’t keep up the orders because of the ash chaos. “We’re all working overtime; for the first time we may add weekend shifts to keep up with demand,” said Grant Rosewarn, the CEO of New Zealand King Salmon.

Aside from salmons, orchid growers such as Eastern and Global, a cut-flower exporter in New Zealand, has bulks of orders as well because Dutch shippers out of Holland can’t supply North America already. “I’m getting calls from Toronto, Chicago, New York and Quebec,” said Greg Keymer, the managing director of the cut-flower company.

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