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The Client List Receives Positive Reviews on Lifetime

Written by: on 20th July 2010 |
The Client List Receives Positive Reviews on Lifetime  | read this item

The Client List and Jennifer Love Hewitt Applauded – Though there are some who said that the movie exaggerated things viewers who have watched the television film, The Client List said that the movie made a lot of sense.

“The Client List” was aired on Lifetime 8:00pm Monday, July 18 and stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. Promotions and media release for the television movie says that it is inspired by a true story of a certain Samantha Horton. Horton is described as “a Texas homecoming queen and physical therapist, who, feeling a victim of the sluggish economy, does what any self-respecting wife and mom of three would do: make ends meet by servicing men in a ‘massage’ parlor.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks stunning in this movie and she played the character very well. Hewitt’s character dresses every kind of provocative outfit possible. Her acting leads a credible portrayal of the character and a mom who is so into the money she would make from the oldest profession in the world, prostitution.

Te first shot of the television film, The Client List shows a bumper sticker that reads, “Annoy a liberal, buy a gun.”

Have you watched “The Client List”? What do you think? Anyone knows Samantha Horton? Do you think this is really happening in Texas?

Well those questions keep lingering in our mind after watching The Client List. So here is a teaser trailer for everyone.

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  1. Martha Martinez says:

    She was great I totally admired her courage to do movie like tha she is brave

  2. Martha Martinez says:

    She is great I totally love the movie she did a wonderful job:)

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