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The Houston Dome Project

Written by: on 6th March 2010 |
The Houston Dome Project  | read this item

It was just recently when Discovery Channel has featured this jaw-dropping dome project over Houston in Mega Engineering.  The episode basically discussed about constructing a geodesic dome over the city of Houston. This dome aims to protect the whole city from perils. According to clips shown on the Mega Engineering episode, a material called Texlon ETFE would be used, at just one percent of glass, ETFE is described as 99 percent nothing. It can protect Houston dome from winds of up to 180 MPH, this would mean the dome could protect the whole city from the winds of category 5 hurricane.  The material could also protect the covered place from fire and water.


In as much as the dome project wants to protect the city from calamities, will it also  hinder natural events such rain and sunshine? What about the plant growth inside the dome? If this project would be pursued and given that it could provide strong protection, for sure people would be flooding to settle and Houston. Will it be the start of the other cities to do the same?




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  1. CyberMax says:

    It would be a really fantastic project

  2. Charunpat Puvanant says:

    Please give me more details of the Dome Over Houston project.