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The Social Network Movie Review

Written by: on 1st October 2010 |
The Social Network Movie Review  | read this item

The Social Network Movie Review – The Social Network will be showing on Friday, October 1, 2010. Many are anticipating the movie and are very eager to watch it since most believes that this is the true story and behind the scenes of the creation of Facebook.

Facebook at present has about 500 million registered users and most of these users will really be interested to watch The Social Network movie. Though movie critics are giving a very positive reception and one can say universal acclaim, the movie deviates from facts and the real stories and characters of the characters they portray.

Rotten Tomatoes for example gave the film a 9.4/10 rating based on 94 reviews while Metacritic gives it 98 based on 34 reviews. The thing is the performance are totally awesome and believable, the danger is what if people believed this is true.

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Some would say that indeed this is the truth and Mark Zuckerburg just wants to hide what is the real circumstances of Facebook. That is not the case however since even associates and those who really knew the characters indicate a 40% accuracy of the biopic, The Social Network.

The film is only “40% true”, says David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World.

“Zuckerberg is unbelievably confident and secure. And he is not snide and sarcastic in a cruel way, the way Zuckerberg is played in the movie,” he says.

Film producers and writers tend to over exaggerate a film. The movie “300” for example is highly inaccurate and details were added in order to make the movie more appealing.

Another movie, “The Pirates of Silicon Valley” portrayed Bill Gates in a very bad light. Still another, Patton in which George C Scott’s portrayal of General George S Patton as an irascible egotist, prone to bullying, which in reality and factual accounts is highly inaccurate.

The question now is “What if people substitute this for the reality and believed everything in the film?”

Well, Facebook had their own answer to what The Social Network movie might be capable of influencing. Facebook official statement says, “The movie might be a sign that Facebook has become meaningful to people – even if the movie is fiction. What the movie may or may not contain is not what we’re focused on. What matters more is building a useful, innovative service that people enjoy using to connect and share”

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  1. ever since Fight Club it’s hard not to want to see anything David Fincher comes out with