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The Tale of Two Eric Johnsons

Written by: on 5th July 2010 |
The Tale of Two Eric Johnsons  | read this item

The buzz around the news and around the internet are hitting on Eric Johnson. Now which Eric Johnson is that? We have one who is running as a candidate for Georgia governor and another one who is an NFL player.

Well let us look first at Eric Johnson, the politician. Eric Johnson, a former Senator of Georgia is currently leading for the July 20 GOP nomination poll, but it is for sure that a runoff is needed in order to determine the final candidate to face the Democrats.

Eric Johnson had also released his latest TV ad focusing on what he had done as a State Senator and what will he do if elected. He is for tax cuts on small businesses and a major reform on the tax system of the state.

Now, let’s go to Eric Johnson, the NFL football player. It seems that he is now the rumored boyfriend of Jessica Simpson. Rumors has it that the two had been dating since last May. These two had been married previously, Jessica to nick Lachey while Eric just ended up her marriage last February.

According to TMZ.com’s source they are “very happy.”

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