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The World Welcomes Its 7 Billionth Babies

Written by: on 2nd November 2011 |
The World Welcomes Its 7 Billionth Babies  | read this item

No one really knows if there has been balance in the number of death and birth in this world. What has been certain is that the world is now reaching its 7 billionth mark. Demographers just cant accurately spot the 7 billionth birth that’s why the United Nations appointed Monday (October 31st) to be the day of the celebration. All babies born during this day might be the one and he/she should be welcomed with a lavish celebration.

Philippines started the celebration as they welcome baby girl Danica May Camacho. Although her official birth time was two minutes advance before October 31st, her doctors of the Jose Fabella Memoril Hospital said that it was close enough to count for a Monday birthday. Baby Danica is the second child of Florante Camacho and Camille Galura. Her father is a struggling driver and their family is just one of the thousands of average earning families of the country.

The birth of baby Danica is similar to winning in an online casino and hitting the jackpot prize of the lottery as the family received a lot of gifts for the baby. A cake marked with “7B Philippines” was given as well as full educational plan, gift certificates and a lot more.

Aside from the Philippines, other countries of the world like India also started the celebration. They chose 7 baby girls born Monday to be their World’s 7 Billionth baby. Such babies were chosen to bring back the importance of girls in the society. “It would help in bringing the global focus back on girls, who are subject to inequality and bias” said Dr. Madhu Gupta, an Uttar Pradesh gynecologist.

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