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Tier 5 Extension Bill Update and American Wants to Work Act: It’s Future and Importance

Written by: on 3rd September 2010 |
Tier 5 Extension Bill Update and American Wants to Work Act: It's Future and Importance  | read this item

Tier 5 Extension Bill and American Wants to Work Act: It’s Future and Importance – The US Congress and the US Senate is still sitting and sleeping on the American Wants to Work Act which incorporates a Tier 5 Extension for the benefit of 99ers. The need for a Tier 5 of benefits had been a long standing issue and many are clamoring for its approval however, Republicans and conservatives are opposing the bill because they say it is costly.

American Wants to Work Act or Senate Bill 3706 principally authored by Sen. Stabenow of Michigan contains important provisions which will help 99ers and the unemployed. Among the provisions are: (1) Creating an additional tier of benefits for those who have exhausted their unemployment insurance; (2) Extending the successful HIRE Act payroll tax exemption through the end of 2011; and (3) Doubling the general business tax credit to encourage businesses to hire the hardest hit Americans.

This provision should have been included in the first Employment Bill passed by the US Senate and Congress last month but in order to advance the bill and do away with major opposition from even some Democrat stalwarts the provision was removed.

Republicans and conservatives are calling the bill bad spending because it will create more deficit however they are in favor of the rescue package for Wall Street and other large companies. The 99ers and average American families who needs this bill battle a daily situation of life and death finding a means of living and source of daily needs for their family.

The Republicans also supported the war in Iraq and Afghanistan which cost more then $3 Billion in American money. Why would they oppose something that would help people in the United States? The war against unemployment and poverty at home is the more important battle than a war overseas which in fact cannot be won by the United States.

Perhaps, the 99ers and those who had suffered so much from unemployment can show their sentiments during the November mid-term elections. The chances of Republican and other conservatives getting the votes from unemployed and 99ers are very slim and for sure this will be a big election issue. As the call of 99ers for a Tier 5 Extension Bill continue to fall on deaf ears, their family are suffering as well.

The chances of the Tier 5 Extension Bill and American Wants to Work Act being a law this year is sadly very slim. With the mid-term elections closing in for sure no one will risk to stand on highly contested issues. For those who are employed and are rich they see the Tier 5 Extension Bill as lavish and unnecessary but for 99ers and the unemployed it is a means of getting back on ones feet.

As a simple advise those unemployed who are still covered by unemployment benefits should really exert more effort to look for a job before their employment benefits run out. Others should not see the benefits as a source of income but rather as a tool to get back on a job.

Continue to send letters to your Congress Representative and Senators and show them the need for the Tier 5 Unemployment Extension. Also, join rallies and support groups such as Help the 99ers and Unemployed_Friends.

Also, share us your views, share these article to friends and even circulate it, or you can share to us the name of a politician which you think betrays the workers and does not deserve reelection.

Voice your opinion because your voice and view is powerful.

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    After a short conversation with a Staff Member at Senator Harry Reid’s office–I was informed that he refuses to put our Extension Bill on the Agenda for September 13,2010 because (thru cacus and other meetings)— the majority of the Republican Senators and quite a few Democratic Senators are OPPOSED to this Bill.
    I have previously called all 41 Republican Senators, John Boenner and Nancy Pelosi.
    Today, since I am Unemployed, I am “starting over” with ALL of these phone calls —-AS THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUR VOICE CAN/WILL BE LISTENED TO.
    I urge all of you to do the same thing A S A P.

  2. craine says:

    I can’t wait for the elections to see just howmany repiblicans are leaving! There is a massive voting block of unemployed people and most are the long term unemployed as well as being over 40…the poeple who vote regularly.
    Letting people become homeless and dependant on food stamps or sup kitchens is not what Americans sent politicans to congress or the senate! Unemployment extensions for the 99ers is imparitive and a measure by which the effectiveness of congress and senate shall be weighed.

  3. Jim says:

    Republicans and conservatives are opposing the bill because they say it is costly. Is it not republicans who said they vote for it if it was paid for using stimulus money? Then Dems object and won’t use stimulus money? Which is a silly argument by both. Why are they only asking how we pay for tier 5? If about money lets first debate how we pay for all the billions sent to other countries. They are such hypocrits. Okay with paying for foreign monies but not helping Americans because they say cannot afford it. So we can afford helping other countries just not Americans. Disgusting Americans come first. Its our money!

  4. susan says:

    We can’t wait any longer for the economy to get better. We have already lost too much and continue to lose it all daily. Why don’t they see it? It is still a delay to help us or even admit we still have a jobs problem. If you are over 50 nobody will even give you a chance and what are WE to do? Obama keeps listening to the rich big business and he is just sluffing us off. We need help now. We have no money left to even get us through. so he needs to answer to us as to how we are to survive till this supposedly jobs bill works out. I am tired of getting rejected for even the lowest of jobs and I am living day to day already. We need help.

  5. Bernie says:

    NAFTA, thanks Bill Clinton. You got millions from the asian nations and that’s why your daughter had a $10 million wedding. But I had a job…right on!
    Bush, your an oil man and made millions off big business.
    The last 10 years was booming and I had a job…Right on!
    Obama, your a real change man and made millions off your book and the acorn community. The economy is tanked and I don’t have a job. All the IT years of schooling, training and experience has went to waste since anything computer related can be transfered to another country for less money.
    Clinton = NAFTA
    Bush = no WMD and war
    Obama = depression and no jobs in America.
    Now there is no reason for the Obama voters that got real change to defend your voting record or Obams drpression…it is what it is!

  6. 110% American says:

    You people need a reality check. Forget the phony left-right paradigm. The phony democrats shake their fingers at the phony republicans and say its their fault. The phony republican shake their fingers at the phony democrats and say its their fault. But at the end of the day they all sit down together for martinis and crumpets at their private clubs and rejoice in the wealth they have acquired that day from the special interests of the one world corporate mafia, that is, the royal family, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the IMF, the WTO, and the Federal Reserve, the one-worlders.
    Try to get this through your thick heads. Our industrial base is completely destroyed and those responsible for destroying it have been paid well to do so. Things are going to continue to get worse until we come together as the Americans we are supposed to be, take it back, take back the wealth that has been stolen, kick their sorry asses out, and reestablish a constitutional government which they do not own and rebuild our country from the bottom up.
    I am at present watching the one world corporate propaganda machine as it is trying to tell me that a rise in unemployment is a good thing. The one world corporate media has become like a high school cheer leading squad, the home team is down 48 – 7 with two minutes left in the 4th quarter and they are jumping up and down and shouting with smiles on their faces, “Obama, Obama, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can.” Its like them telling me the sun is shining outside, I walk outside and it is darker than the devil’s hip pocket, I come back in and they are still telling me what a beautiful sunny day it is.
    To clarify, George Bush had the same cheer leading squad and there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two. Bush spent more than any other president before him and Obama has spent more than all other presidents before him combined.
    The demopublicans and the republicrats are nothing more than treasonous con men and women actors, and they’re not even good ones. Their corporate spokesmen (the media) will continue to blow sunshine up your ass until you take your final breath and die of starvation under the bridge.
    Get your heads out of your asses and come to the realistic conclusion that it is them or us. The one world order is either going to destroy us or we are going to destroy them.
    Take a look at Germany after the treasonous Treaty of Versailles. Their children lying in the streets, their stomachs bloated with flies buzzing around them while they starved to death. I promise you that if you continue to bury your heads in the sand you will see your own children and grandchildren in the same condition.
    We are out of choices. The only change we are going to get is change for the worse. So unless you want to see your children starve to death in the richest country in the planet you had better steal yourselves and prepare for the inevitable. A revolution to rid our country of the one world corporate gangsters, hell bent on our destruction.
    Seek out a local militia and join. For information on how to form your own local militia go to http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com, The Intelligence Report.
    I am a 99er and personally I despise war but I would rather fight to the death than watch my grandchildren starve to death in the country my forefathers conquered. God bless the Republic, death to the new world order, we shall prevail.

  7. The depression and no jobs problem was inherited by Obama from his predecessor administration. We also believe that resulting to arms is not the solution to issues like this.

    Thanks and hope that problems be resolved peacefully.

  8. MELISSA says:

    Worry the life out of Harry REid to put the bill on the agenda. Keep sending emails, phone calls, etc., I do it daily. Harry REid should be ashamed of himself but he does not care he is rich.

  9. Rich Adams says:

    Congress is not “sitting and sleeping” on anything. Stabenow introduced the bill on a Wednesday and Congress adjourned for six weeks two days later. Once Congress returns and refuses to consider the measure until after the November elections – and the expiration of the current deadline extension – then our lawmakers will be stalling. But expect nothing less in an election year.

  10. Marianas Trench says:

    Gather at the polling places,the big banks and other big giant companies that got your tax bailout money. Gather at the embassies to where the U S sends our tax dollar. Gather at the hallowed halls of government of all levels so your silent voice can be heard from the depths of marianas trench to the space station! Your own revelution is at hand and the time for you to take action is now! Are you going to see your good family starve and be homeless? Stand up! I SAY STAND UP! FOR YOU’VE BEEN DOWN TO LONG. When will you get the soffocating boot from off your throat? Will it be you the Crispus Attucks of the revelution for survival?

  11. MELISSA says:

    Keep calling, emailing, and faxing Harry Reid, white house, nancy peloski, and your congressman. If they had any sense, they would go on and pass it.

  12. Rhonda Montgomery says:

    The reality is…we will not vote…for the most part people will not do anything…amazingly the low income no income people who would be most hurt by repubican takeover will do nothing about it…except complain.

  13. KEITH MIRSKY says:

    It’s amazing to me that we could send billions to Pakistan and bail out Wall St
    and the Big Banks but we take so much time to decide if we shoud help out the people who have been unemployed for almost two years. I know many people who have been out of work for this long period of time and believe me, everyone of them that I know have been searching and searching for a job and they take it very seriously. Nobody is hiring and the govt need to help these people. Our representatives who have jobs in the House and the Senate should not hesitate a minute longer and pass the Americans Want To WOrk Act immediatedly. Give the people in this country who have been struggling the most another 20 weeks of benefits retroactive to their old benefir rate. If they wait until November to vote on this it will be too late. It’s all a buch of bullshit polticians afraid to spend anymore money. Where were they when they voted Yes for the bailouts?

  14. Junior says:

    I am from South Carolina and have exhausted all benefits since April, 2010. I have tried to get a clear understanding of unemployment and what benefits if any will be available in the near future. I am not sure whether a Tier 4 was ever given to residents of South Carolina. Please help me in geting some understanding.