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Tiger Woods at the British Open 2010: Drops the F-Bomb

Written by: on 19th July 2010 |
Tiger Woods at the British Open 2010: Drops the F-Bomb  | read this item

British Open Championship Update – Tiger Woods was defeated in the British Open Championship 2010 as South African golfer Louie Oosthuizen took the title. Howver, Tiger did not left the Open Championship without a controversial act caught on video.

Tiger Woods was caught deeply frustrated over the 13th hole in St. Andrews and he missed a short putt for par. He was so frustrated that he began uttering the F-word.

It was his seventh competition which he did not won and his frustration really did show. Multiple F-words were heard from Tiger Woods at the British Open 2010 and it is not a good show of a good sportsman.

Here is Tiger Woods with his F-bomb at the British Open 2010 championships final round.

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