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Tiger Woods Divorce Costs $750 Million

Written by: on 1st July 2010 |
Tiger Woods Divorce Costs $750 Million  | read this item

Tiger Woods divorce would cost him $750 million according to the Divorce Papers that he and her wife, Elin Woods agreed this week.  The amount is more than what Tiger is presumed to be spending for her supposed “extra-marital” women which amount to about $37.5 million a year.

The toll on the womanizing ways of the famous golfer had finally affected his family and his career.    Besides the money that will cost him, Tiger would also be giving Elin  at least two pricey properties plus custody of their children for five years.  He can renegotiate the custody terms after five years.

The $750 million divorce money of Elin will be the biggest payout of a celebrity divorce ever but the price for this is also very big.  What is the price?  Elin Woods cannot talk about Tiger Woods extra-marital affairs nor make any malicious comment about him.

Other inclusions in the Tiger Woods divorce settlement includes a prohibition for Tiger Woods to bring any other females around their children.  Elin is very cautious about the possible effects of the divorce to their kids and is ensuring every possible way to do that.

Saddest part of this development is the possible long term effects to their children.  Their view about marriage and love would surely change since they have their parents as their initial role-models.

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