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Total Solar Eclipse at Easter Island and the Pacific

Written by: on 12th July 2010 |
Total Solar Eclipse at Easter Island and the Pacific  | read this item

Total Solar Eclipse Today, July 11, 2010 – There will be a total solar eclipse today, July 11, 2010 which happens to be the same date for the FIFA World Cup 2010 finals between Spain and Netherlands. The eclipse will last for a total duration of 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

The total solar eclipse will pass only two small island in the Pacific, Cook Islands and the mystical Easter Islands. Easter Islands is the island that contains those huge facial statues and is also seen in the Sentai series, Shaider.

The Eclipse phases will be as follows according to the NASA report and grid assumptions:

  • (P1) Partial begin 17:09:41
  • (U1) Total begin 18:15:15
  • Greatest eclipse 19:34:38
  • (U4) Total end 20:51:42
  • (P4) Partial end 21:57:16

Besides the total solar eclipse on Easter Island and Cook Island the southern tips of Argentina and Chile including Santiago City will be able to see 56% totality of the Eclipse which will last for a little over 2 minutes.  The eclipse will be visible over sunset at the Andes mountain ridges.

The eclipse which begins at French Polynesia will cover a total of 11,000 kilometers long.  This pat will be engulfed in total darkness as the moon passes over the sun.  The total solar eclipse begins at 17:00 GMT and will end at around 22:00 GMT.

The next total solar eclipse will not occur until November 13, 2012.

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