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Tour de France 2010 Stage 15 Highlights and Updates

Written by: on 20th July 2010 |
Tour de France 2010 Stage 15 Highlights and Updates  | read this item

Tour de France 2010 Stage 15 – A mechanical problem experienced by Andy Schleck on his bike cause him the yellow jersey which was taken over by Alberto Contador of Spain. The Tour de France 2010 Stage 15 was won by Thomas Voeckler.

COntador’s take over of the yellow jersey was however a little bit controversial since it is considered good sportsmanship to wait for the yellow jersey when he has technical trouble but he did not do that. Contador claims that he has no knowledge that Schleck had technical trouble, and that he had already launched an attack that time.

Stage 15 of Tour de France 2010 has a total distance of 187.5 km (116.5 mi) and traverse Pamiers to Bagnères-de-Luchon. The stage also includes an hors catégorie climb, Port de Balès. The finish comes on a steep, 21 km (13 mi) descent from the climb.

This is the hosts team’s fifth success of the race, he finished nearly three minutes ahead of the favorite cyclists in the Tour de France 2010.

Contador who took over the yellow jersey came in second and 20sec ahead of Schleck. Contador completed the 21.5km downhill together with Russian Denis Menchov and Spaniard Samuel Sanchez and finish 39sec ahead of the Schleck.

With just 5 more stages to go Alberto Contador still leads Tour de France 2010 with a total time of 72 hours, 50 minutes and 42 seconds. Andy Schleck came in second and is just trailing by mere 8 seconds.

The top five of Tour de France 2010 standings includes Samuel Sanchez at 3rd, + 02′ 00″; followed by Denis Menchov in fourth place, + 02′ 13″; and Jurgen Van Den Broeck in fifth, + 03′ 39″. (Click here for the full standings of Tour de France 2010).

The Tour de France continues with Stage 16 which is a 199.5 km (124.0 mi) distance from Bagnères-de-Luchon to Pau. The stage includes four difficult climbs which will surely test the skills and capability of the cyclists.

Meanwhile, here is a video of the Tour de France 2010 Stage 15 final kilometer.

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