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Tour de France 2010 Stage 18: Last Chance for Andy Schleck

Written by: on 23rd July 2010 |
Tour de France 2010 Stage 18
Tour de France 2010 Stage 18: Last Chance for Andy Schleck  | read this item

Tour de France 2010 Nearing End – As the Tour de France 2010 closes to its last two stages, the time for Andy Schleck of Luxembourg to overcome the 8 seconds lead of Alberto Contador of Spain is drawing to a close.

Andy Schleck wins the Tour de France 2010 Stage 17 yesterday but it was not enough to overcome Contador’s lead. Schleck triumphed over the most treacherous stage of Tour de France 2010 which includes the highest climb of the tour.

Now at the Tour de France 2010 Stage 18, the route from Salies-de-Béarn to Bordeaux which consists a total distance of 198 km (123 mi). The break leaders of the Tour is now at kilometer 171. This stage is a flat stage and the greatest challenge here would be the weather, with heat-wave conditions common in the region this time of year.

The break team is composed of #13 5PINEAU (QST), #69 VAUGRENARD (FDJ), #46 OSS (LIQ), and #12 BRESCHEL (SAX).

The Peloton is behind by 1′ 17″ and travelling at a speed of 50Km/h. This group is headed by Tour de France 2010 leader Contador and Schleck.

Whoever comes first between Contador and Schleck might be the eventual winner of Your de France 2010. Stage 18 is definitely the defining and climax of this whole tour. Although Schleck still has a bit of chance to win in the last two stages it will be very slim.

You can tract the live tracking of the race at the official Tour de France website. Good luck to Contador and Schleck!

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