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UFC 110: Nogueira vs Velasquez Replay of Play by Play

Written by: on 21st February 2010 |
UFC 110: Nogueira vs Velasquez Replay of Play by Play  | read this item

Congratulations to Cain Velasquez after he defeated Nogueira via KO (Punches) at Round 1. Here is a replay of what happened in that crucial round – the UFC 110 play by play of Nogueira vs Velasquez.

Velasquez roughs Nogueira up with short punches and two low kicks early. Velasquez misses a head kick and then crushes Nogueira’s frame with a punch to the body.

Nogueira sets up a left hook with another body shot. Velasquez connects with a low kick. Minotuaro steps forward in the pocket and Velasquez lands a right, left, right comob and puts Nogueira’s lights out.

Velasquez swarms with punches from both hands until referee Herb Dean pulls off the victorious product of American Kickboxing Academy at 2:20 of the first.

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