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UFC 113 Prediction: Machida vs Shogun Rua

Written by: on 7th May 2010 |
UFC 113 Prediction: Machida vs Shogun Rua  | read this item

The headline should pretty much be a straightforward way of expressing my opinion of how I think three, if not all the main card fights are going to go on May 8 at UFC 113: Machida Vs Shogun II, especially after watching the Countdown. Kimbo Vs. Meathead, Kos Vs. Semtex, Shogun Vs. The Dragon Part II.

All three have their own reason to be explosive come Saturday when all MMA fans tune in to the UFC 113 live stream – but we’ll get to that soon enough.

For those who don’t know or who have forgotten, this event will not only feature Sam Stout Vs. Jeremy Stephens, but this event in Montreal will feature the return of The Predator, Canada’s own Patrick Cote, as he faces Alan Belcher.

Those two fights should make for a rather interesting night of fights. Then again, so will the other three main card fights, which brings me to the reason behind the headline.

Plain and simple, in the three big fights: someone’s getting knocked out. If even Stout’s fight goes the distance, I will be surprised.

Last time Sam Stout fought, it was against Joe Lauzon, a loss for Stout in a hotly contested bout. That fight went to the judges.

Kimbo’s UFC debut against Houston Alexander, a fight in which some people were less than impressed with Kimbo Slice’s performance, showed that Kimbo could do more than knuckle up.

I thought Houston was done after one of the sicker takedowns Kimbo executed on Houston. Even still, that too went to the judges.

Lyoto Machida endured the pain of Shogun’s kicks, but held on tight and won the fight, retaining the belt. Keep in mind a few things:

1. Machida was 15-0 coming into the fight. Before the fight with Rashad Evans, he only had wins over the likes of Tito Ortiz, Rich Franklin, Sokodjou, BJ Penn (at a sort of catchweight bout), Thiago Silva and Stephan Bonnar.

2. If you saw the Countdown on Spike, you may not have seen it, but Machida did hold Shogun against the cage for a portion of the first fight. Some judges call that “Octagon control” even if some fans don’t.

3. This fight, too, went to the judges, but most people will tell you Shogun should be the UFC Light Heavyweight Champ right now — and that Machida should be at 15-1 as an MMA Fighter.

I’m not getting into too much detail about that or about backing either man fully, because I went for Machida in the first fight, I thought Shogun won after I saw the damage to Machida, and had to see the fight again to understand what the judges saw Machida do that I didn’t.

If you think Shogun should be the Champ now, cool. If you think the judges made the right call about Machida winning, cool. I don’t know who I want to win, personally, because I could see the fight going both ways, but I did back Lyoto in the first fight.

What I do know is that anybody watching this fight card can rest assured that these two are going to really go at it in what I’m going to predict is going to be a stand-up war.

This fight isn’t one that I think will go to the ground, although if either man does, it could make things quite intriguing.

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