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UFO Over Chinese Airport of Hangzhou Creates Interest (4 Videos)

Written by: on 15th July 2010 |
UFO Over Chinese Airport of Hangzhou Creates Interest (4 Videos)  | read this item

UFO Over Chinese Airport True or Fake – A new video footage as well as photos of a supposed UFO flying over Chinese airport of Hangzhou was revealed today.

The first revelation about the story of a UFO over Chinese airport appeared in Zhejiang Online. According to the report the UFO, short term for Unidentified Flying Object was seen on the airports radar at about 8:30pm. A personnel then reported that he saw a “shining ligt” in the air, this was later on confirmed by passengers flying during that time.

Fake and edited videos of UFO had already circulated in the past and also stirred public interest only to be revealed a hoax in the end. In a more recent photo compiled through a video the aircraft had a downward shining light which has a wide radius. Other photos reveal a spectrum of light in the path of the said UFO.

A report further states that the UFO disrupted air traffic over Zhejiang’s provincial capital Hangzhou last Wednesday. Video footages became available and when they did they become a hot internet sensation around the world.

The question is whether these are normal aircraft, a military vessel or really a vehicle from another planet which based on statistics and previous occurrences is highly unlikely. The video footage might also be edited or a Chinese government stunt.

Below are the latest video of the UFO over Chinese airport, decide for yourself.

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  1. PAT says:

    Yes it is in my humble earthly opinion a craft from some unknown origin apart from this world its just that to many powerfull interest are frightend by a possibility of it being more superior in tech and spiritual being than any organized bussiness, religous or military interest that’s at present holding this world under seige.