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UK Election Results: British Election Results Update

Written by: on 7th May 2010 |
UK Election Results: British Election Results Update  | read this item

Here’s the latest update about the General elections in UK. The Liberal Democrats were on course for an humiliating General Election result today as the party failed to capitalise on ‘Cleggmania’. Based onthe reports from our various sources, Nick Clegg sought to pick up the pieces from a disappointing night for the Lib Dems, in which they looked set to lose five seats. As he arrived to cheers from supporters on the steps of the Liberal Democrat headquarters in Westminster, Mr Clegg said it was now for the Tories to prove themselves capable.

Clegg said: ‘I have said that whichever party gets the most votes and the most seats has the first right to seek to govern, either on its own or by reaching out to other parties and I stick to that view.
‘I think it is now for the Conservative Party to prove that it is capable of seeking to govern in the national interest.’

Despite Mr Clegg’s attempt to play kingmaker, his boast that the election would be a ‘two horse race’ between the Lib Dems and Tories looked wide of the mark.
The Lib Dems had broadly the same share of the vote as they did in the 2005 election and were on course to lose five seats. Clegg told supporters at his delayed count that his party had had a disappointing night.

The vote counts of 649 out of 650 is done. The results show that the Conservatives have 305 seats, and Labour have 259 seats, while the Liberal Democrats have only 57 seats. The United Kingdom general election of 2010 was held on May 6, 2010 to elect one Member of Parliament in each of the 650 constituencies to the House of Commons. David Cameron will be the future Prime Minister of UK.

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