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Underwater Avatar Sequel For Cameron

Written by: on 20th September 2010 |
Underwater Avatar Sequel For Cameron  | read this item

It going to be an underwater Avatar sequel as what James Cameron has been planning. The sequel would be featuring the seas of Pandora, the place that has been greatly created by Cameron. Mashable posted that he wants to travel 6.8 miles beneath the surface of the ocean to shoot footage for the Avatar sequel and win a $10 million X-Prize at the same time.

This particular prize was last given to a group who privately funded a manned spacecraft and launched in to the Earth’s atmosphere. Now the prize would be awarded to the first private crew to make two manned dives to Challenger Deep, the deepest surveyed point in all of Earth’s oceans. Cameron won’t let thing to just pass by knowing his ambitious ideas in mind.

He won’t be having a hard time convincing financiers for this as his Avatar was able to reap nearly 2 billion in the box office and as early as now, the world awaits for the awesome sequel. Cameron won’t be a newbie in a deep sea exploration as he once did documentaries Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep which has shots underwater. This Avatar sequel would definitely be 6.8 miles beneath the surface of the ocean. Knowing just that already increased your eagerness to watch the upcoming film.

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