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Unemployment Extension Bill Update July 21 – Senate Advances Bill

Written by: on 21st July 2010 |
Unemployment Extension Bill Update July 21 - Senate Advances Bill  | read this item

Senate Advances Unemployment Extension Bill for Final Senate Vote – After weeks of debate and after a long wait the US Senate had finally passed the Unemployment Extension Bill. Millions of unemployed Americans would continue to receive unemployment benefits until November.

The Senate passed the Unemployment Extension Bill by a 60-40 vote, However this vote although seems unilateral is a bipartisan vote since two Republicans voted in favor and one Democrat vote against it.

Sen. Olympia Snow and Sen. Susan Collins both of Main voted in favor of the bill, while Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska voted against it.

The swearing in of a new Democrat senator to replace diseased Sen. Robert Byrd helped a lot in the passage of the Unemployment Extension Bill. Carte Goodwin will temporarily fill out the vacancy of Sen. Byrd from West Virginia.

Vice President Joe Biden swore in the new senator and welcomed him to the chambers of the US Senate. As soon as he is sworn in the voting for the bill commenced and with the strength once more on their hands, the Democrats passed the Unemployment Extension Bill.

The Unemployment Extension Bill will be extending benefits for those who have already used their standard 26 weeks of unemployment. The measure now faces a final vote in the Senate and must also clear the House of Representatives. These two final steps are clearly very manageable and are sure to be successful.

We are sure that those who have waited for the Unemployment Extension Bill to pass the US Senate and House of Representatives are now very happy to hear this news.

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  1. Ronald Rowe says:

    How does this bill help those who 26 weeks of state unemployment is set to run out in late August?

  2. Tavaris says:

    About time.

  3. mindy says:

    This is for Ronald – you will move to the next tier of unemployment benefits.

  4. Angela says:

    According to what I have been reading, this bill cover all those who have used all their 99 weeks of benefits.

  5. Andrea says:

    Ronald Rowe, After your 26 weeks of UC benefits run out, you will move onto EUC benefits, which is what has just been extended! If it had not been extended you would be cut off, but now you’ll continue to recieve benefits :)

  6. carole says:

    this bill does not help the 99ers