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Unemployment Extension July 15, 2010 Update

Written by: on 15th July 2010 |
Unemployment Extension July 15, 2010 Update  | read this item

Unemployment Extension Tier 5 July 15, 2010 Update – There had been an increasing clamor for the passage of the Unemployment Extension 2010, HB 4213 “Tax Extenders Bill”, and the possible inclusion of a Tier 5 Tax Extender. Unemployment continue to increase across various States and Republicans are still holding their opposition to the bills.

A bill which will give a Tier 5 called “Tax Extenders Bill” and seeks to temporarily extend unemployment benefits from the federal government for tiers 1-4 is still pending in the Senate.

However, those seeking approval of the Senate Bill will be frustrated since upon examining its provision you will find out that there is no tier 5 created by the bill.

Total spending for the Unemployment Extension Bill ballooned from $113 million in the House to $140 million in the Senate. The reason for the increased spending is due to relaxed tax hikes on Venture Capitalists and $24 in medicare reimbursements for the states.

If there is one thing good to report for our Unemployment Extension July 15, 2010 Update, the senate bill do extend COBRA subsidies along with the current tiers until November 30, 2010. Also, it will keep physician reimbursements from Medicare at levels where people will be able to afford to keep going to their doctors.

Those seeking unemployment benefits should not be disheartened by the Unemployment Extension July 15, 2010 Update, which equates to an inability of the US Senate and US Congress to enact a bill to help unemployed individuals in the United States. Why? You can still avail various local unemployment extension benefits in your respective states.

Those who are seeking unemployment extension benefits are advised to check the status of the unemployment in their state’s Unemployment Office web site. Details on who qualifies for unemployment extension and when and how benefits will be paid are also available.

If you want to really fast track the passage of the Unemployment Extension Bill in the senate and possibly include a Tier 5, you can write a letter to your state Republican Senator or Congressman and urged them to support Unemployment Extension 2010 and HB 4213 “Tax Extenders Bill”.

Do you think these bills should be passed? Do you support the Republican’s stand on this issue? Let us know your comments and feedback.

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  1. This is a shame they have us begging for money to feed and house our families.I have paid taxes all of my life and to be treated like this is unforgivable.And to have to listen to their petty insults adds insult to injury.But what really gets me is how a person that has never done an honest days work in their life can have the nerve to call someone else lazy.As far as I can see unemployment benefits is the most important issue on the senates agenda.Yet they keep pushing it back later and later.But I keep thinking it is our fault because we are letting it go on.Everyone wants to complain but no one is doing anything about it.We need to take our fight to the streets.The politicans aren’t doing anything about it because no one is pressing them to do anything!!If they can’t get to the capitol tomorrow because the streets are filled with protesters things will take a new urgency!!! As long as everyone sits at home and complains on the internet nothing is going to change. Nothing worth while has ever been gained without a fight!!! And in closing I would like to add”They aren’t hurting for money they have money coming in from special interest groups,kickbacks and not to mention their paychecks”.Why should they be in a hurry?

  2. j brock says:

    you know i paid taxes for years now that im down where is our help im 60 years old it dont seem like no one wants people my age to work ????? all i can do is pray you want forget about people in my age group take care of those on the homefront first i was born here raised in the good ole usa plez do ur job help us now

  3. Glenn B N.J. says:

    I totally agree with John however most of us don’t have the money or resources to march on Washington, or to the homes of our senators or even our local city halls. On line is the only free access we have if you can get to a library. However I’m still baffled as to how our plight is kept off all mainstream TV. ABC, NBC, CBS. (Besides MSNBC Ed Schultz, and a couple of minutes by Diane Sawyer) This is as important to us as those that were unemployed from the Oil Spill which leads every news program every night on every station including the radio. The 2nd stupid lead story is the Bare Foot Bandit, who cares! Does our story shame our leaders so badly that all news organizations refuse to give it any airtime? We the people somehow need to control the media. This means controlling their income of money. With whatever money we have left to spend do not purchase products sponsoring the major news organizations. Until you see them represent our unemployment situation correctly (including a Tier 5) as a lead story on the 6:00 and 11:00 news. They keep reporting that companies are hiring however my neighbor after 18 years with the sanitation dept was just laid off yesterday!

  4. suzi says:

    it is very sad that they are playing with us who can not find work.. we need tier 5.6.7 the economy is not going to create all these jobs by november they need a reality check.. my family is suffering really bad.

  5. Roy in PA says:

    I agree with Glenn when he said that many of us no longer have the resources to march on the Senate or even to city hall. As for the reason the news media doesn’t carry stories about the unemployed; it isn’t a hot story. What is a hot story? Stories that have great pictures like the oil spill or funky ones with a great tag line like “the barefoot bandit.” Real stories like American’s hungry children or the plight of the unemployed simply have no pizzazz. The picture opportunities are terrible and no one, meaning the network executives, cares. The only way the unemployed will get any measure of respect is to deal an overwhelming defeat to the Republicans in November. That will make all politicians take notice and the unemployed will be the hot story for months, if not years, to come.