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Unemployment Extension Tier 5 Update August 5: 99ers Too Old for Work?

Written by: on 5th August 2010 |
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Unemployment Extension Tier 5 Update August 5: 99ers Too Old for Work?   | read this item

Unemployment Extension Tier 5 Update Aug. 5, 2010: 99ers Too Old for Work? –  The Unemployment Extension Tier 5 rally is just one week away and it seems that the US Congress and the Senate are not doing anything about Tier 5 and 99ers.  The “Keep the American Dream Alive Tier Five!”,  Tier 5 and 99ers rally will be held on Thursday, August 12 at the Federal Hall, 26 Wall St., New York City from 12-1 pm.

Meanwhile, it seems that the main reason most 99ers fails to land a job is because companies are not hiring them due to their age. The increasing number of 99ers will surely continue as the workplace is being shut off to those who are 35 up and you will be lucky if you can be hired at that age.

Age discrimination can be an added reason for 99ers to demand a Tier 5 and if possible the government’s assistance to help them find a job or at least moderate the bias against older applicants.

According to an article posted by the Detroit Job Search Examiner, the most vulnerable to age discrimination on job application are the 99ers. 99ers are those who had been unemployed for more than 99 weeks and had used their full emergency unemployment assistance from the federal government.

The Examiner also said that there is a 33 percent increase in the number of age discrimination cases filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission during the past two fiscal years combined, as compared to the prior two fiscal years. The Commission also indicated based on a report provided to the Examiner that they have received a total of 47.360 complaints already.

This data sees to agree with the report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report found that on average it will take 44.5 weeks for a person aged 55 to 64 to find a news job as against general statistics of 35.1 weeks.

These findings led to the more reason to pass an Unemployment Extension Tier 5 for 99ers.

Meanwhile a citizen’s group will be organizing a rally in support of the Tier 5 extension. Details of the said mas mobilization can be found HERE.

Before we end this update let me share to you a story and comment we received from one of our readers regarding the Tier 5 issue. Here is the comment from JR (Jr_jr32@yahoo.com)…

In order to understand our government, we must consider the powers that be. Being a 99er, I believed that President Obama would hold true to his promise. Having seen jobs being outsourced by corporate America downsizing, greed and complasive politicians.

It makes me often wonder; Give Me Liberty OR Give Me Death!!!!! My fellow 99er’s our Government has given us DEATH! As we all know our government has formally delivered propaganda of the American dream. But the 99er’s are the forsaken. Nevertheless, Our Government commanded the 99er’s to march forward into despair because there are no jobs for us to bear.

In other words by excluding the 99er’s from this bill. We are forced to leave behind the loves ones we once cherished, because as a man you feel that you can no longer support their hearts.

“A man without a Job” is like he does not exist!! And without this extension the 99er’s will not exist!!! But let me say this! The way congress thinks today. Is let’s roll the dice!!! They are not important; Now that they are in office.

The Banks and Wall Street are doing business as usual. High interest rates and foreclosure’s for the month of June 2010 was 1.5 million!! I’m a true believer in GOD. But I often pray and wonder about my future in America today, the land of equality freedom and liberty.
Again, Mr. President, Congress, Senator’s.

You give the 99er’s an executive order. As forgotten bewildered and broken soldiers. We command congress to an extension to liberty justice in the name of survival!! Rescue the 99er’s from the depths of despair, suicide, homeless and wondering aimlessly in a barren jobless land. For it is your duty as men not leaders to obey and command your OATH! To protect serve your fellow citizen’s without discrimination or malice.

I hereby command all 99er’s to converge on Washington D.C. in the name of survival and not to sit back as peasants to your own execution. Remember your voice and vote counts. Let Washington hear us as well…. Send your voices, thoughts, concerns and hearts. Yes We Will And Yes We CAN!!!!!

Share us your sentiments and we just hope that those in power will be listening and helping people who are in need of help and assistance.

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  1. 2ndAmendment says:

    many of us have run out of time.no food, no home, no hope anymore. thanks senators and yobama, life isnt worth continueing..but before I check out, some of you should really learn what heartache and hopelessness feels like. You azzhole cowards have attacked your own people, you are the domestic terrorist many of us took an oath to protect this country from, so with that in mind, when you go on recesswithout passing the help for 99ers, it will be open season on some, fair game in love and war ya fkn prcks

  2. karen says:

    the united states helps every country in need. but they can’t help their own people.

  3. GERSONOTERO says:

    I hope they pass tier 5 , I am a 99er and lost my job, and the only life lined was the unemployment compensention, now it is not there, I pay my taxes,I’m a husband, a father of 6 boys an don’t know how to get by this month.

  4. Michael says:

    I am 61 yrs and 3 mos as I have been told by employers i’m to old to hire and Social Sucurity said i’m to young to retire. Well I was only able to collect 85 weeks of 99 here in Indiana because I didn’t make enough, I only made 25-30k per yr for almost 44 yrs. Well I have 0 income now have sold most everything I can gave up my appartment and am staying with freinds. soon I will have to find a box and a open spot under a bridge to live, please send more aid to other countrys because they must be more important then us long termed unemployed Americans who have loved and given are all to this great country America thank you.

  5. Scotty9zs says:

    We need a payroll tax holiday for hiring 99ner’s. The gov needs to sweeten the pot for hiring 99 ners. How bout free airfare to China? The 99ers can go and see where the money is going. If you are thirty, this could happen to you in twenty years.