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Unemployment Extension Tier 5 Update July 29, 2010: 99ers Still In Peril

Written by: on 29th July 2010 |
FILE - In this Nov. 4, 2009 file photo, Sonja Jackson, of Detroit, holds a Employment Guide standing in line while attending a job fair in Livonia, Mich. The number of newly laid off workers filing claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly rose last week as the recovery of the nation's battered labor market proceeds in fits and starts.(AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)
Unemployment Extension Tier 5 Update July 29, 2010: 99ers Still In Peril  | read this item

Unemployment Extension Tier 5 Update July 29, 2010: 99ers Still In Peril – The Unemployment Extension Bill or HR HR 4213 had been passed and signed into law. Many jobless Americans were happy, except for the 99ers. The 99ers will continue to endure the hardship since the Unemployment Extension Act of 2010 did not include a Tier 5.

So far 99ers who needs a Tier 5 constitute about 9.2 percent of all unemployed. These Americans have been unemployed for over 99 weeks, the legal time unemployment benefits expires. The number of 99ers have increased from just 221,000 in 2007 to as many as 1.4 million Americans as of July 2010.

A number of Democrat Senators continue to pursue the Tier 5 Extension Bill which will effectively extend unemployment benefits to 99ers. “There are a number of people who have maxed out, they’ve been looking and looking for work but haven’t found it, and there is a separate act that would extend those benefits to them. Extending this was really important. There are some people who go beyond the 99 weeks and we’re gonna try to do that next,” says Sen. Charles Schumer, Democrat New York.

Another Democrat, Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan said that she is working on a bill and on possible ways to pass a Tier 5 Unemployment extension. “I’m working on a bill to help them because, when there are five people out of work for every one job opening, it’s the right thing to do.”

So far the Unemployment Extension Act of 2010 or Unemployment Extension Bill excluded the following from the final bill passed on the House and the Senate and eventually signed by President Barack Obama.

It does not add a Tier 5 extension. It does not make tiers 3 and 4 available to states that weren’t eligible before.

It does not include the $25 added as part of the American Recover Act. Congress stripped this out to make the bills more affordable.

Those who are supportive of the Bill and a Tier 5 Extension are being advised to email, call or immediately send a letter and contact their respective Senator or Representative and inform them of their desire for a Tier 5.

For 99ers we welcome your comments and also feedbacks on how your local politicians (Senator and Representative) are responding to the call for an Unemployment Extension Tier 5.

Do you also think that the Unemployment Extension Bill signed by President Obama is half cooked and incomplete? Then let us know.

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  1. Elaine Howerton says:

    We need Tier V unemployment benedits! Out of work for two years! Constantly looking. Three children to support, mortgage to pay! Do I register my children for school or pay my mortgage? Those are the fun choices I have to make. PLEASE HELP!

  2. sounthone uprajay says:

    My benefit was running out 3 weeks ago and I looking for job everyday included all web-site or any available.
    One thing is really obstacle with my job search because I am too old for all employer would take careful to hire me and too young to retire soon or later I will live in the street

  3. Thomas Lee says:

    I’m one of the 99ers and have been out of wor since November, 2007 i was part of the Wacovia closing,there are no jobs out there for me i send out resume after resume and nothing, well them your credentials are impressive but we will call you if there is a match, now tell me how much food will that buy or will it pay rent or a mortgage i lost my home because i could not pay there was not enough coming in to cover what was needed. so what do i do

  4. Yvette Harris says:

    Please before tomorrow, please extend benefits for the 99ers and add ammendment for tier 5. While the republicans are vacationing for a month we will be starving, homeless and stressd! We want to work, the reason we were eligible for this in the first place is because we have worked for these benefits, many of us for decades!!! Help before Friday the 30th is imperative!!! Babies starving verses a deficit that is already out of control!! Tier 5 is the alarm to small business that job creation is vital!!!!! Help us now!!!!

  5. Michael Livingston says:

    Amen to that!
    I’ll be e-mailing and calling both Senators from Michigan and our 7TH district US Congressman–Mark Schauer(who I worked 6 weeks for in 2008,by walking 10-15 miles/day, and , doing survey questions on the General issues,then entering those who would answer the questions into a “Palm Pilot” for compilation. It was a very close race between Mark & former 7TH District Congressman, Tim Walberg.

    Extremely Concerned “99ER”!!!!!!!

    michael john livingston.

  6. kari guercio says:

    we need a tier 5 extension ! please help us american people

  7. A pressure on Senators will be very helpful indeed. The government of the United States needs to know that a lot of people are in dire need.

  8. Marel says:

    This was a way to show jobless numbers are better when they know Tier 5 or Tier 6 is still needed and people can not wait till November. Today the numbers showed good results as expected wait till next week and the next. ALL Unemployed you better wake up and stand on Media now than every if your getting benefits or not!

  9. John Marras says:

    Please give us a Tier V. I am 66 years old was laid off from my job and who the heck is going to hire me. If 40 year old people can’t get jobs who is going to hire me.?

  10. CJ says:

    It’s a joke to think any of these politicans are responsive. I’ve got a 99er congressional GROUP in my outlook. I’ve sent everything from suicides this economic downturn (they have caused) has been responsible for to statistics on age-discrimination; to people pleading for their babies not to be homeless. THIS PEOPLE ARE USING US AS POLITICAL PAWNS WHILE WE ARE DYING. Not one answer from one e-mail. Real Responsive, huh? Just look on the news. MSNBC is the only station that even mentions the 99ers. They are as frustrated as we are. But, they have their homes, their internet, their phones, their cars, and food in their bellies. How the hell can any of you FAT-CATS relate? NONE OF YOU HAVE SUFFERED ONE IOTA FOR PUTTING US ON THE STREETS.

  11. Monica Townsend says:

    I will not vote anymore, the individuals I elected to protect me as a citizen of the United States have failed our economy and me. I am a 99er, I am 46, unemployed, been let down by every system and now I (to no fault of my own), risk loosing my home. Thanks for the non-support from my Government and State. I don’t see no help in the near or far future for the Tier 5 Extension. Thanks Representatives of South Carolina.

  12. Eric Rhodes says:

    I need the tier 5. I have met my 99 weeks and have not found work yet. I have to tell you I dont care what the cost to the ameican people are. We have enought to help other countries and banks etc and not enought for americans. We are not out of the wood yet. Please help by passing the extension today

  13. MADMomma says:

    What a joke! PAY ATTENTION: These politicians are using us for political fodder against one another. DEMs to critize REPs for not passing anything; although they somehow let REPs strong arm them into this ignorant 60 VOTE rule… And REPs, to beat out OBAMA, even though a vast majority of Americans voted for him over Republicans (so, obviously popular polls say the majority of Americans WANT some democratic changes to take place). Much to their dismay though, like him or hate him, he’s a most popular president.
    Never in HISTORY has emergency unemployment been kept from a U.S. public with an economy with more than 7.2% unemployment. This proves we’ve got a bunch of Smuck GOP assholes holding up the works to gain back popularity, that they don’t have, and know it; leaving us out-to-dry in the process.
    I have a 99ers ‘GROUP’ in my OUTLOOK address book. I’ve sent these people everything from age-discrimination numbers to stats on the suicides that they’re responsible for since George Bush’s regime created this mess. From people crying for their children, to those who have lost EVERYTHING. NOTE THAT: not certain things, or a little of this and kept

  14. Jessica VanDerslice says:

    We wait for this with growing needs, and little way to help them. With jobs so unavailable in these times, my town which plays host to a college rarely has need to hire beyond the readily available, hearty, will-work-for-beer-money, 15 hour week college kids for any non-degreed jobs. My partner, 41, was collecting unemployment benifits until last week, and job searching constantly, having to settle for back breaking work under the table for less than minimun wage. I myself am 21, disabled (struggling for SSI), and pregnant with our first child. How do they suggest we support our family?? Food stamps are great, but they will not keep a roof over heads, or power and water to our home, or even the gas to run around, trying to get a job. This is a necessary thing in a time of such high employment rates. Please do the right thing! We want to help ourselves, and were only able to collect unemployent because we had worked for so long before we became unemployed!!

  15. Jane Szymanski says:

    We need Tier V extension NOW! The Senate will be on their 5 week vacation break starting next week. Who do we pressure; emails, faxes and phone calls will be ignored during that time period. I am very angry and depressed. All we can do is hold our breath and pray for God’s help.

  16. tblack says:

    I’m a 99er with 4 children and a mortgage. I lost my job due to outsourcing. I have been searching and searching for a job and these are the response I receive… You are over qualified, your credit is bad (no kidding I have no money to pay my bills), you have been out of work too long (no kidding) The government thinks that we are lazy and do not want to work but what are they doing to help us? We have to jump through hoops to land a job now a days. Isn’t a credit check considered discrimination? Why are these US companies giving away our jobs to oversees workers. Who is doing anything to help us? Seems like everybody is always on vacation in the white house! We all need to get these senators that are looking at us as a joke out of office! They do not deserve to be there!

  17. Barbara Tharp says:

    I can say nothing that hasn’t already been said. Just PLEASE help us. This is America and we are citizens. We are suffering through no fault of our own. I am between an eviction and not being able to rent another apartment because of poor credit score. This method of screening is old now. I could pay, fees, deposit (double to show sincerity), demonstrate 6 or more months of proof of income but because the economy has made me part of the problem instead of part of the solution, my Executive MBA degree from USC, a Masters in Healthcare Administration, and costs related to the education process, my executive ability is going begging because my legs are shaking so hard I can only think of being homeless. I want a few congressmen to walk a mile in any of our shoes and maybe something will be done. I am considered the eternal optimist but I am giving up’m hope…..the thing is, I’m not feeling that anyone cares. I am an expert on suicide, so this kind of frustration needs to be attended to. Is no one listening to how much of an emotional as well as fiscal crisis. Again, PLEASE help with the 99er extension.

  18. Miranda Carroll says:

    I’m very dissapointed I have a family of 4 and thought I would qualify for the extension. But I’m part of the 5 tier I’ve been blessed to receive unemployment benifits, but was informed by my state that I was part of the 5 tier also. What am I going to do. It seems unfair that we cannot have the same benefits as others it’s obvious that we need the money too…it’s not our fault there are no jobs in Mississippi. I have bills to pay to keep a roof over my childrens head, and also have school clothes that I have to buy as well as everyday items…A 5 Tier was very essential to the American People!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tammy Angel says:

    I had my hopes up that we had gotten an extension, but called my unemployment office and she told me the Tier 5 people wasn’t the ones to get the wctension. All my hopes faded, I have looked and looked for a job there is just no jobs out there…PLEASE extend this Tier 5 program for us…I think we should get the same amount of extensions as the others….Thank You!!!!

  20. Tony says:


  21. S White says:

    I have been out of work for almost 2 years now and struggling daily. I have applied and applied for jobs but there just isn’t enough jobs out there to employ all the unemployed. It is so bad that even fast food restaraunts aren’t hiring. My husband is disabled and we have been fighting for 5 years to get his ssi…..I am so tired of seeing our representatives out on vacations, dinners, etc while those people that elected them sit at home with nothing. If it wasn’t for food stamps and family, I don’t know where my husband and I would be right now. Please pass Tier V benefits. We desperately need it.

  22. Linda says:

    Why don’t they get it!!! We are in dire need of help. We are losing everything daily and are being put in financial ruin. There are no responses to job applications and it is getting bad. we have used up all savings and 401k’s and now are in peril of losing our homes ,cars and everything we have worked our whole lives so far. We do not qualify for any other type of assistance so we are screwed. Why won’t they help us. why do we need to beg? Do foreign countries have to beg when they have a crisis? No we just give give give. Well this is our crisis and why are we being left out? Help us now. Evewry day is making our lives worse. congress gets to go on month long vacation. who now adays gets that much vacation? we should come first, we elected you to help us not abuse us. people are getting violent over this and you put us where we are today. your jobs will be over soon too and then you can see how it feels to have no money or chance of survival.

  23. CL says:

    Nobody hiring a 57 year old women?? Unemployed since 2008, To all employers, we still have a lot to offer your companies, please rehire us. We were laid off, job outsourced, job closures. We did not quit our jobs.

  24. Robert Tran says:

    GOP, please extend of 5 Tier Unemployment Extension as soon as possible. I have been looking for work and send out over 500 resumes. Unfortunately, no one is calling me for an interview!!! In addition, I tried to follow up with these companies and I was told that they are not doing any hiring!!! I believe that no one wants to live on the unemployment checks, if we have the opportunities to get a job and make more money!!! Furthermore, We need the Congress to create more jobs and extend the unemployment as long as the job market and the ecnomical situation is improved. Please stop the childish political game as soon as possible!!! and cooperate with the Democratic party to extend the unemployment.

    Thank you very much for your assistance and your cooperation.

  25. LARE says:


  26. Still unemployed 99er says:

    NOTE: Those of you without free long distance please call 1-888-245-0215 and ask to speak with the party named below and the call is free]

    Senator Baucus 202-224-2651 Paul Wilkins paul_wilkins@baucus.senate.gov
    Senator Snowe 202-224-5344 Ron LeFrancois ron_lefrancois@snowe.senate.gov
    Senator Collins 202-224-2523 Rob Epplin rob_epplin@collins.senate.gov
    Senator Durbin 202-224-2152 Dena Morris dena_morris@durbin.senate.gov
    Senator Reid 202-224-3542 Dayle Cristinzio dayle_cristinzio@reid.senate.gov
    Senator Schumer 202-224-6542 Katie Beirne Katie_beirne@schumer.senate.gov
    Congresswoman Berkley 202-225-5965 David Cherry david.cherry@mail.house.gov
    Congresswoman Titus 202-225-3252 Karen Agostisi Karen.agostisi@mail.house.gov
    Senator Stabenow 202-224-4822 Kim Love kim_love@stabenow.senate.gov
    Senator Sherrod Brown 202-224-2315 Eleanor Dehoney Eleanor_dehoney@brown.senate.gov
    Senator Franken 202-224-5641 Ben Olinsky ben_olinsky@franken.senate.gov
    Senator Whitehouse 202-224-2921 Sam Goodstein sam_goodstein@whitehouse.senate.gov
    Senator Merkley 202-224-3753 Tamara Fucile tamara_fucile@merkley.senate.gov
    Congressman Clyburn 202-225-3315 Danny Cromer danny.cromer@mail.house.gov
    Senator Tom Harkin 202-224-3254 Derek Miller Derek_miller@harkin.senate.gov
    Congressman Mc Dermott 202-225-3106 Toby Whitney toby.whitney@mail.house.gov
    Congressman Doggett 202-225-4865 Michael Mucchetti Michael.mucchetti@mail.house.gov
    Senator Levin 202-224-6221 Jack Danielson jack_danielson@levin.senate.gov
    Senator Gillibrand 202-224-4451 Brooke Jamison brooke_jamison@gillibrand.senate.gov
    Speaker Pelosi 202-225-4965 Dick Meltzer dick.meltzer@mail.house.gov

  27. Still unemployed 99er says:

    This is what I have emailed everyone on that list.
    I’m also a 99er wondering what is going to happen to us. There is no reason why a Tier 5 can’t be add until November. Like everyone is saying if we could help another country out in 3 days help the truly struggling out HERE in 2!!! Trying to find a job in this economy is is one of the hardest things I’ve had to face. I’ve been working since I was 14yrs old I’ve paid more into my unemployment fund then what I have received. I feel I AM entitled to that money especially under the circumstances we are ALL facing. Please add a Tier 5 BEFORE SUMMER RECESS. Maybe adding a special incentive in that bill to employers’ who hire a 99er could possibly also be helpful to us. We are truly struggling with no help in site. Maybe when we are all homeless and out on the street and OUR country starts to look like a 3rd world country something will be done in less then 3 days why wait till it gets that far. PLEASE DO SOMETHING NOW! THE HARD WORKING PEOPLE HERE NEED YOU AND NOW!

    What they need to understand is that I along with every other 99er have worked our entire lives and have payed into this fund. Now when it is needed the most we are being hung out to dry. My wife also has worked her entire life and paid into it without ever collecting a single penny. Now we need this money to just barely keep our heads afloat and we have nothing. We have 2 children 3 and 6 who r going back to school in september and we cant even buy my son the essentials he needs. Its either mortgage food or notebooks for our son. We are sick to our stomaches and stressed beyond imagination. I have been sending out countless emails and resumes EVERYDAY with nothing not a single response. We really need help AND NOW! Its nice to know that the people who are deciding our well being(if you could call it that) will be enjoying the remainder of their summer off on a nice long 1 month vacation away from all of this. No wonder they dont care about us. Their living off of our money, the taxes we paid, and the hard working hours we put in. We ALL NEED HELP NOW! I hope they hear us!

  28. ARV says:

    Jessica VanDerslice says:
    July 30, 2010 at 2:18 am

    We wait for this with growing needs, and little way to help them. With jobs so unavailable in these times, my town which plays host to a college rarely has need to hire beyond the readily available, hearty, will-work-for-beer-money, 15 hour week college kids for any non-degreed jobs. My partner, 41, was collecting unemployment benifits until last week, and job searching constantly, having to settle for back breaking work under the table for less than minimun wage. I myself am 21, disabled (struggling for SSI), and pregnant with our first child. How do they suggest we support our family?? Food stamps are great, but they will not keep a roof over heads, or power and water to our home, or even the gas to run around, trying to get a job. This is a necessary thing in a time of such high employment rates. Please do the right thing! We want to help ourselves, and were only able to collect unemployent because we had worked for so long before we became unemployed!!


    Why the FUCK would you get pregnant when you have no way to pay for him/her? This is what’s wrong w/ America. I assume you’ll keep the baby too even tho you’re borderline homeless. How irresponsible.

  29. Tamara Wilson says:

    Mr. President Obama my daughter and I will be homeless as of August 9. We desperatley need the tier 5. We have no income and no where to go. This is her last year in highschool and I’m trying help her graduate and get into college. Please help us. I worked for 22 years and I had to retire due to my health failling. I cannot risk being homeless for those reasons.

  30. frank says:

    i have a question why they can help others countries and not our people when
    we need them. Please help us we need tier 5 or 6.

  31. homeless & hungry says:

    Lost my job, lost my home, lost my family, lost my savings, lost my auto..sold most of what I own..now I’ve become sick..not much else to lose..someone kill me…please!

  32. tom in ky says:

    good question frank maybe someone will anwser it when they come back from their month long vacation. in the mean time how many people will lose their homes cars utilities and anything else you need money for? and does any one really care?we despartely need a tier 5.

  33. David Lee says:

    HR4213 is half baked and Congress needs to put aside politics and do whats right. The 99ers need a tier v extension. They seem to forget we are also registered voters.

  34. pissed off says:

    Obama we trusted you with our lives and future, we voted for you. We heard your speeches and we stood by you and rallied for you to win. We celebrated with you and cried because we was happy that you became president. Now as a 52 year old Case manager with over 10 years of experience a Master degree,Bachelor degree, and a associate degree. I just received my Master degree in December 2008 in business admin with emphasis in HR. I maintained a 3.75 GPA at the age of 52. So I learned all the new principles and theory of business. I have a minor in economics and understand what going on with the economy. So when I applied for a job and go to an interview and have some one look down on me because I have more education then they do and worked in my field longer than they have tell me what I am thinking. Obama why can’t you support me when I need you. Why can’t you rally for me and my unemployment. Are you crying tears like I cried tears for you. You hold the power to help us so why are you going to battle for us like we went for you. I watch c span 2 almost every day and watch the speeches about unemployment. Its like watching two children fighting over something but saying only if I can do it first and sit in the front. Meanwhile the other children are standing in line wanting to ride too. You say that extending unemployment will add deficit your grand children. God has not promised that your grand children will even be here 2 years from now. But there are people that are here now today that don’t have a roof over their head or is about to lose it. What if you had a choice of giving a tier 5 unemployment extension to those who needed it in change for God giving you the opportunity for your grandchildren to see 2 years from now. Would you make the choice to help the unemployed? choices we make often have away of shaping the rest of our life. Obama,the house and senate lets repair our country and make things better for everyone. The million dollar question and answer is; Do you want the United States to recover? Answer:it is so simple we need to work together to get our country restored back to where it needs to be. The hold world is looking at us and saying that this is a country that has every thing and yet they fight over childish things as I it want my way, and if I can’t have my way then I’m not going to play with you I going home. These are traits that you find in children and they should not be displayed in our Government.

  35. jimmy says:

    obama is a jerk off with no balls he forgot about us. the people who put him there.they told us to basically go fuck ourselves. that was the worst choice those fuckers ever made.

  36. julie sunflower says:

    I’ve looked for work in many cities, many states, I’m over 99er and I would have no way to pay for rent, bills, gas if I don’t have a tier and no family to stay with. Stress about money is already affection peoples health not knowing has been very hard because you never know if you have to give notice to a landlord. This is our emergency in the US and we need to take care of our own right now. I’m a single mom and without this we have no way of having a roof over our head. Love, Blessing and Peace.

  37. julie sunflower says:

    I already used up my 4th tier and only 3 months of coverage leaves you very stressed as you don’t know if you have to give notice in 2 months and or if there is an extension. They are too short and cause a lot of stress. I alway think the money is going to run out and how will we survive. We need a 5th tier that doesn’t end in the middle of Winter or snow where it’s very difficult to live and think you might be on the street during Christmas.

  38. sugarpie says:

    Its all in God hand now! I have been unemployed since March 2007 I am attending college and enjoying the journey. I have beening applying for jobs also it is depressing when they e-mail the follow up letter sayimg the job has been filled. However I must press my way through these difficult situations. I would rather be working but I cannot find empolyment. Georgians were hit really hard with the economic down turn of jobs. I will pray and trust in God in these tuff times. My journey has not been an easy task. This too shall pass. I pray for the have and have not regularly for safety and food on the table. People are hurting and embarras to seek help. I am thankful for the one’s fighting for us “99er’s”
    may God bless you openly. The Sentor Schumer from New York and Sentor Stabenow helping to fight for the 99er’s. I pray God bless you openly and your family. I was sadden by reading Sentor Schumer remarks friday “I am tired ” please help pass tier V. Be bless.

  39. Kelly says:

    My benefits are ending mid August. I am educated with experience in banking. I had a good job for years and have worked since I was in high school. Now I am 38 and cannot find work! Everywhere I go there is a hiring freeze, or some problem. I can’t get an interview at many places because I am “over-qualified”. It is so hard for us as it is on my unemployment, we will end up worse off without it. My credit will suffer and that also affects jobs, especially in the financial industry. Yes, employers check credit and it not up to par, you don’t get the job. I don’t know what to do anymore!

  40. Caroline says:

    I don’t think it was half cooked. (I think he did his best due to the circumstances in trying to get it through quickly for people) I don’t think that Congress should break until these issues are fixed. They say they are working on issues away from Congress. I don’t believe that one. They will be vacationing and sunning while America burns. Then they are afraid of stepping on each others toes if they don’t recess. They don’t get it. Who cares about them. They can’t multi-task it seems. Today I applied for work with a company that aol promoted. I sent my resume, I filled out the questionaire for appitude and personality, I wrote a good essay, I took several sample calls and answered questions for the test. I passed. They Congratulated me and then I got the e-mail sorry we don’t have work for you. That is what they all are like.

  41. Caroline says:

    They are planning a rally on 8/12 on Wall Street for Tier 5 supporters.

  42. Caroline says:

    Here is what I found for Tier 5:
    Press Conference/Rally: Keep the American Dream Alive Tier Five!
    Monday, August 12th
    12-1 pm
    Federal Hall
    26 Wall St., New York City

  43. ron says:


  44. jhurley says:

    This world is funny i see so many people with no skills and stupid hired cuz its cheep and they dont want smart people working theyd rather have the guys that are dumb enuff tonever ask questions

  45. metoo says:

    AT some point we just have to face facts,at the end of the day the president can enact anything! Like the money that was just sent to Pakistan 2 days ago! And his wife asking people to send money to Haiti. The fact that he wont even acknowledge the 99ers is answer enough. We just have to hang in there and ignore him on voting day.

  46. mike the painter says:

    I think for the clintons to throw a wedding for there daughter worth millions is just a slap in the face to the millions of unemployed american people out there.that kind of money coulde feed a lot of people.must be nice!,99ers arent lazy people,we worked hard for years paying in,now we are to old or over qualified for work,what a joke.Polititions dont care beacause they still bring in the big money while hard workin people starve.I dont blame obama,I blame our political parties playing political games with our lives.We are not banks but we need a bail out to.no jobs no money no life.We did not ask to be unemployed, goverment made it this way,Why should we half to suffer.Start producing jobs so we can work then maybe we wont be called lazy.I dont see how we can hand out to other countries and let our own people suffer.

  47. Gwendolyn Dunbar says:

    I am outraged that a Tier 5 was not implemented and made apart of the HR unemployment bill. That was not only wreckless and just totally ignorant, but it was heartless and just outright inhuman! I don’t even see democratic congressman speaking out for the 99ers, but I guarantee you that they will be looking to get reelected come election day. They all need to be voted out!!!! If we are not important to them, why should they be important to us. Let them join the ranks of the unemployed and see how it feels!

  48. Denise says:

    I have worked since I was 14. I am now 53 and I’ve been jobless since Jan 2007. I live with my 80 y/o mom and since this recession thing and “preditory lending” we are in a pre-forclosure mode. Soon we, like many others will be homeless. We really need this Tier 5. HELP!!!

  49. Art T says:

    Congress seems to have no problem finding billions of dollars to piss away on wars nobody supports, on countries that hate us and terrorize us, and on countless other stupid “pet projects” that congressmen and senators always seem to want, but when it comes to helping our own citizens and voters with a Tier 5 extension, they just can’t seem to find the time or the money. Our lawmakers are pretty much worthless. They allowed the country to fall into this shithole by their own incompetence and greed, now they can’t seem to do anything but fight and bicker like 3 year old children over Tier 5. Well, you assholes, we may be unemployed, but by God, we can still vote. Don’t forget that come November! Give us Tier 5. For gods sake, help us! Where is your conscience? How do you sleep at night knowing that the people who put you in office are starving, losing their homes, their childtren are hungry, and their lives are being ruined by the 1000’s every week. Come on, get off your asses and do the right thing! The people asking for Tier 5 would rather work than beg, but you can’t seem to fix the jobs situation either. What the hell can you fix? As far as I’m concerned, you are all FIRED!