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Unemployment Rate Found Out Higher To Teens and Blacks

Written by: on 9th January 2011 |
Unemployment Rate Found Out Higher To Teens and Blacks  | read this item

Unemployment has been the most talked about topic these days. For a country as big and as strong as USA, being struck by the recession which resulted to job losses and closure of several businesses could have been the most difficult thing that could ever happen.

Now that 2010 is finally over, studies are everywhere and evaluations are being conducted if the country was able to move on. Most of the studies conducted are about the the unemployment. It was found out that the unemployment rate went down to 9.7% last December. This is the lowest for four years. It may indicate that the more jobs were given or the identified unemployed of the country lowered down because they reached their maximum weeks for the unemployment benefits. Some were even requesting for unemployment extension but experts are saying that it will just encourage laziness.

On the other hand, it was also found out that among the unemployed in the country, most of them are teenagers and blacks or the African American. “Workers are on a jobs ladder. Where you are on that ladder depends on your education, your race, your gender,” said William Rodgers, professor of public policy and chief economist at the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University. Teenagers were noted to have the lowest skill and education levels.

“Study after study shows that the white college graduate is more likely to get the job, even if they have exactly the same resume [as the black applicant],” said Rob Fairlie, professor of economics at the University of California in Santa Cruz and a research affiliate at the National Poverty Center. “The only difference is the race.”

Since it is very difficult to wipe out, racial discrimination still exists affecting even in getting a job.

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