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(Updated) Survivor Season 20 Heroes vs. Villains Full Cast List Spoiler

Written by: on 21st December 2009 |
Survivor Season 20 wwnn
(Updated) Survivor Season 20 Heroes vs. Villains Full Cast List Spoiler  | read this item

Survivor fans are currently excited for Survivor season 20 as it will called Heroes vs. Villains. with interesting cast and posing greater challenges. CBS and the Survivor producers have made a really smart decision. Not only will this bring back some of the biggest fan favorites from over the years which could draw in more viewers.
So far the cast for Survior Season 20 is yet to be disclosed. On the other hand, it was already announced that Survivor season one winner Richard Hatch won’t be back because he couldn’t get out of his probation (he went to jail for tax evasion) and that rules him out from season 20. It has also been rumored that Russell will return from Survivor Samoa to once again compete for the million dollars, but none of these rumors should really be believed until we get the official release from CBS on who will star Heroes vs. Villains.

The 20th season of Survivor was filmed back-to-back with Survivor Samoa in order to save some money on the production end of things, suggesting that it will be showing sooner or later. Sources tell that CBS also filmed Survivor season 20 in Samoa, so it will be interesting if they use some of the same locations, or if they have a completely different set for some of the all-time greats from Survivor. Overall, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains will be a sought-after series.

Something notable for the upcoming Survivor Season is a list that was spilled by former contestant Coby Archa, and it consists of 23 names, with 30 being interviewed. Provided this list is true, some of these people would be on a third Survivor stint already.

Ace Gordon (Survivor: Gabon)
Amanda Kimmel (Survivor: China)
Benjamin “Coach” Wade (Survivor: Tocantins)
Cirie Fields (Survivor: Panama)
James Clement (Survivor: China)
Jean-Robert Bellande (Survivor: China)
Jenna Morasca (Survivor: Amazon)
Jerri Manthey (Survivor: Australia)
Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (Survivor: Gabon)
Johnny Fairplay (Survivor: Pearl Islands)
Ozzy Lusth (Survivor: Cook Islands)
Natalie Bolton (Survivor: Micronesia)
Parvati Shallow (Survivor: Cook Islands)
Randy Bailey (Survivor: Gabon)
Rupert Boneham (Survivor: Pearl Islands)
Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor: Pearl Islands)
Sierra Reed (Survivor: Tocantins)
Shane Powers (Survivor: Panama)
Stephenie LaGrossa (Survivor: Palau)
Tina Wesson (Survivor: Australia)
Tom Buchanan (Survivor: Africa)
Tom Westman (Survivor: Palau)
Twila Tanner (Survivor: Vanuatu)

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