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US Government Slams WikiLeaks.Org

Written by: on 26th July 2010 |
US Government Slams WikiLeaks.Org  | read this item

By slamming and lambasting Wikileaks.org, the United States government is either in the move to minimize what they say could be “collateral damage” caused by the site or hiding their own shameful acts during the War on Terror.

Today, the United States government issued a statement calling the actions of WikiLeaks.org and the publication of over 90,000 military records as “irresponsible” and “threaten national security”.

US National Security Adviser Gen. James Jones issued the official statement adding that these documents, “could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk”.

However, with these statements the US government did not deny or debunk any of the allegations or the authenticity of the documents. Instead Gen. James Jone said that the documents uploaded were covering the period from 2004 to 2009 and stressed that they were “documents before President Obama announced a new strategy with a substantial increase in resources for Afghanistan”.

Some of the documents also indicate a double game being played by Pakistan as they are both helping the United States and the Taliban. These allegations had been denied by the Pakistani government.

Meanwhile, a former United States military analyst who had been famous for leaking Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War said that the risk allegations by the US government is an exaggeration.

“Any serious risk to that national security is extremely low. There may be 260,000 diplomatic cables,” he said.

The leaked documents which was bundled by WikiLeaks.org and related information can be found at a previous article we published HERE.

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  1. Michel Gourd says:

    In case nobody notices, it is a war!

    The organization WikiLeaks disclosures show Pakistani intelligence working against U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The world knows now the unvarnished truth about the Afghan War. Deepen cooperation with Pakistan should only be done after all Taliban sympathisers have been extracted from its army and secret services. Now, the United States should stop nation building and focus on going after the enemy in Afghanistan. But in the long run, it should build Afghan capacity to let its people take responsibility for their future and evade Taliban power.