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US Justice Department objects to Google book deal

Written by: on 20th September 2009 |
US Justice Department objects to Google book deal  | read this item

Google attempted to create an online repository of books that will be available for anyone to read and view in the world wide web. Sadly, the US Justice Department has urged a New York court to reject a deal that would allow internet company Google to publish millions of books online.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages in publishing the books online and give way to everyone to access it for free.

Some books should be paid in order for you to read it. The book market will fall down once Google will have access to each and every book and index to give all the information people want for free.

However, Google would establish a £77m ($125m USD) fund to compensate those whose works it published online.

It would establish a Book Rights Registry so that authors whose work is digitized were paid when their material was viewed online. This will allow book authors to also make money online. So that’s another advantage.

After they sued Google for copyright infringement, the deal was agreed in October 2008 with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP).

Microsoft, Amazon and Yahoo have all objected to the deal. They seemed to be jealous of Google.

The US justice department said that the breadth of the settlement raised “significant legal concerns”.

Google says the deal would give readers unprecedented access to all books that have been out of print for years, including books that are near to extinction.

This would be another breath taking innovation for Google if it was approved.

So which side are you? Google? or the US Justice Deparment?

[Via BBC. Image copyrighted to fromoldbooks.org]

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  2. Jacob Fiint says:

    I think this is a great move for Google. As the authors can still earn when someone read their books.