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Verizon To Give $90 Million Refund To Clients

Written by: on 5th October 2010 |
Verizon To Give $90 Million Refund To Clients  | read this item

The much awaited refund that angry Verizon Wireless customers could finally reach their hands. The telecommunications company released a statement Sunday saying it would pay up to $90 million in refunds to 15 million cellphone customers who were wrongly charged for data sessions or Internet use. This could probably be the largest amount of refund that a telecommunication could give.

The problem started 3 years ago wherein customers has bee charged $1.99 every month for data services that they didn’t even use. Some were also complaining that were charged for using free demo versions of the apps in their phones. A few were also charged for accessing the Internet, even if they did so by mistakenly hitting a button and backing out of the service right away.

All these complaints has been said to be reported to the company yet according to the customers, they were just ignored. The Federal Communications Commission has been alarmed by such number of complaints and therefor had an investigation to solve the problem.

The settlement between the FCC and Verizon wireless has now reached to an alternative to the formal enforcement wherein they could enter into a consent decree, the company would neither admit nor deny the charges, but would agree to make a voluntary payment to settle the issue. The refund that the telecommunications company has been making is just one of the ways to repay for everything as FCC has ensured that this thing will not happen again. There has been rumors that FCC would making the company pay a penalty of keeping the problem this long before giving any ample actions.

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