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Very Vera’s Vera Stewart Throws Down Bobby Flay

Written by: on 22nd July 2010 |
Very Vera's Vera Stewart Throws Down Bobby Flay  | read this item

Vera Stewart, the owner of Very Vera restaurant compete and won in the Carrot Cook-off battle against Iron Chef Bobby Flay. She made delicious carrot dishes and it did impress the judges.

Iron Chef Bobby Flay hosts the Food Network’s, Throwdown with Bobby Flay. This show invites known cooks, chefs and restaurant owners into a challenge and cook-off with Bobby Flay and this time it was Very Vera’s owner, Vera Stewart.

The Iron Chef fails to impress the judges while Vera Steward whose restaurant offers gourmet homemade cakes and gourmet food online and one of the best in this line of business, awed the judges with every food presentation.

“Great overall carrot flavor. I like the icing although it’s a little bit, not quite as southern as what I’m used to. We pick “B”,” said judge and Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver.

“B,” turned out to be the food preparation of Vera Steward and indeed Very Vera proved that they have the best cook and chef with their restaurant. This would probably jumped the sale of Very Vera online and offline too.

Congratulations Vera Stewart and Very Vera!

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