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Votes in Afghanistan was successful despite of low turnout

Written by: on 21st August 2009 |
Votes in Afghanistan was successful despite of low turnout  | read this item

The principal opposition candidate and the Afghan government declared the country’s second presidential election a success, despite strong indications that Taliban attacks and threats had kept voters at in their houses in southern and eastern Afghanistan .

The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan which is the country’s largest independent election-monitoring organization, deployed almost eight thousand observers around the country.

95 percent of the 6,185 polling centers had opened, Commission Chairman Azizullah Ludin said. He also said he had no reports of voting problems and security. He also added that there were too few ballots delivered to some voting stations.

Security was tight across Kabul, with police checkpoints around every corner of the streets. Officers are worried about the suicide attacks which also injured and killed some innocent people. Most shops and businesses were shut during the elections.

More details about this news at Yahoo News.

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