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What's the Mystery Behind Google Unexplained Phenomenon Doodle?

Written by: on 5th September 2009 |
What's the Mystery Behind Google Unexplained Phenomenon Doodle?  | read this item

It’s been a tradition to Google to change its logo just to reflect any historic event or holidays or what should say a big world event to commemorate a certain thing, important people, places and celebrations. But on September 4, 2009, internet users became crazy and wondered that the big search engine’s logo features one of the “o” beaming up to a flying saucer. The Google site from other countries and langueages appear to have the same logo in English so as well with the same graphic.

Now people are becoming curious because for the first time the new doodle does not appear to represent any special event or launching of a significant product or even commemorating an important and distinctive person. But instead, when a user click on the image of the UFO, it would direct to a search for the term “unexplained phenomenon”

It would be an exciting days to find out if the Google will soon explained to all the internet users about the meaning of the unexplained phenomenon doodle. Many speculations arises as people get crazy with the said logo. Is this an experiment to general volume of traffic for the said term unexplained phenomenon? Or is there someone at Google now laughing at us and enjoying what they are doing now at the internet surface?

Many people now are saying that Google doodle could probably connected to the Exter UFO Festival. The Exeter incident was said to be a highly publicized UFO sighting that happened September 1965, which is approximately 5 miles from Exter, New Hampshire, in the neighboring community of Kensington.

So what is the real mystery behind the said Google unexplained phenomenon doodle? Is this a sign that we are now attacking by the UFO? Or just a laughing experiment to add spice and flavour to people who are always using Google as their reference and search engine.

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