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White iPhone 4 Release Date and Availability

Written by: on 7th August 2010 |
White iPhone 4 Release Date and Availability  | read this item

White iPhone 4 Release Date Delayed – The official release of the white iPhone 4 will again be delayed due to supply chain issues. The new white iPhone 4 is supposed to be released by August 31 but the latest announcement from Apple states that the release will be delayed further. Apple had not specified when will the exact release date be, they assured however that it will be within 2010.

The main reason for the delayed release is the inability of Lens Technology to meet the supply demands of Apple. Lens Technology manufacturing plant provides for the processing, pressing and painting of the iPhone 4. The manufacturer says that with the current demand for iPhone 4 and if the white iPhone 4 is released they will have a problem in painting the glass surfaces of the device.

Lens Technology said that they might not be able to keep up with the potentially huge demand when the white iPhone 4 is released. At the moment, the manufacturer can only produce three iPhone 4 glass units per hour. This production capacity is less than what Apple is demanding.

In the end, the release of the Apple white iPhone 4 depends on the manufacturer’s ability to provide for the painting and the glasses of the units and meet the demands of Apple. We are sure that many users are already inkling to order a brand new white iPhone 4.

Will you be one of those eager to buy a white iPhone 4? Which do you think looks more cool, black or white iPhone 4? Share your comments and feedback with us.

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  1. Paul says:

    The white iPhone looks sexy and is trendier than the black at the moment! I personally want the white to match the new new car!

    White is the new black ;o)

  2. Ben says:

    Definatly the white version
    never had iphone b4 didn’t like the old one so waited for new version and eventually iphone 4 came and i saw the white and instantly wanted it.
    even tho i am so tempted just to go get the black i am going to wait for the white.

  3. Wildcard SSL says:

    White iPhone is awesome.

  4. iPhone App says:

    The New iPhone 4 is really good. The main thing in this case is that it is launched in white color. The White color looks luxurious and it also contains latest applications, software and lots more. Thanks for sharing such technological news.