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Who is Sydney Dalton?

Written by: on 31st August 2010 |
Who is Sydney Dalton?  | read this item

Sydney Dalton identity and issue revealed – The name Sydney Dalton hit the top of Google Search and you will think that she is some kind of a new celebrity or singer but the truth to it is that she might be another soon to be victim of cyber bullying of sorts just like Jessi Slaughter.

The only difference between Jessi Slaughter and Sydney Dalton is that his video is definitely not something to really pull some attention. Sydney is a girl who had meet Justin Bieber for a couple of times and probably fell in love with him, as girls usually do.

Then all of a sudden Sydney Dalton decided to upload a video on YouTube as you can see below where she and two of her friends tore down every bit of Bieber poster in her room. This video started the whole Sydney Dalton scandal.

YouTube Preview Image

As the story goes, Sydney Dalton allegedly lost the respect of hundreds of her twitter followers, her membership in Bieber Army, and a friend in Stephanie. Last night she got into a rather heated argument with Stephanie, where Steph laid it flat out and said that it was Sydney’s idea to create the video.

For fans of Justin Bieber it might be something to flame about but look at the facial reactions of the girls in the video, it seems that is ia all just for show. There is nothing to be angry about. So who cares if they tear all the Justin Bieber posters, it is their right to do it.

No one had the right to hate somebody for wat he or she does. It is their right to do it and if you do not like what you see in the video then just don’t watch it, after all there is a warning at the beginning.

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  1. Sophie says:

    people deserve a chance to express their feelings but uhmm yeah thats just stupid, you dont have to make a video about it, wanting attention much ? wow