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WikiLeaks.Org Alarms Obama on Afghanistan War Plan

Written by: on 27th July 2010 |
WikiLeaks.Org Alarms Obama on Afghanistan War Plan  | read this item

WikiLeaks.org Alarms White House – The 90,000 documents made available and online by WikiLeaks.org had already alarmed President Barack Obama and the White House today. The President said that the revelations made in the documents could compromise the efforts in ensuring success of the war in Afghanistan.

“Some of these documents reinforce a longstanding concern of mine about the supporting role of some Pakistani officials in the Afghan insurgency,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, said in a statement yesterday.

Sen. Levin also added that the documents are in fact the main reason why President Obama changed his war policy in Afghanistan. He also indicated that the WikiLeaks.org leaked documents shows that Pakistan made no improvement regarding their policy with the Taliban.

Republican and Democrat lawmakers are one in saying that most of those included in the WikiLeaks online documents about the Afghan war are old news already and are general public knowledge.

However, Democrat Senator Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts raised alarm with regards to the leaked documents on WikiLeaks.org. He said that the documents definitely will raise questions about the reality of the United State’s policy toward Pakistan and Afghanistan

“Those policies are at a critical stage,” and the documents “make the calibrations needed to get the policy right more urgent,” says Sen. Kerry who chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

WikiLeaks.org on Sunday released about 90,000 Afghanistan war documents. These documents are all unreleased and are from direct raw reports of soldiers and officers involved in the war.

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