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WikiLeaks.org Further Threatens Security in Afghanistan

Written by: on 30th July 2010 |
WikiLeaks.org Further Threatens Security in Afghanistan  | read this item

WikiLeaks.org Deemed Security Threat – The extent of the Afghan war documents leaked and released online by WikiLeaks.org had been an extreme military security concern. Previously, the United States government had belittled the extent of the possible effects of the documents released by WikiLeaks.org but now they seem to see more than that.

Some of the over 90,000 WikiLeaks documents on the Afghanistan War had named anti-Taliban informants and this made the Taliban themselves react.

“We know how to punish them,” says the Taliban leadership referring to the WikiLeaks expose of the names and locations of anti-Taliban informers, Daily Mail reported on Friday. The Taliban is referring to beheading as a punishment for these informants which they consider as traitors.

Various officials involved in the War on Terror and in Afghanistan says that they do not know how WikiLeaks.org and its founder Julian Assange got hold of over 90,000 documents on the Afghan War. Assange even told the New York Times that these are not all the supposed documents that he had in possession. Other documents had not been released for preservation of safety and security according to Assange.

“There are few things more valuable to the enemy than gaining insight into our plans. The Taliban will be poring over every one of the leaked documents with a fine toothcomb,” says Colonel Richard Kemp former head of British forces in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai worries about the security of NATO forces in the region, “Their (NATO force soldiers) lives will be in danger now. This is a very serious issue.”

Julian Assange is now on the run and moving from place to place as he fears his own security after WikiLeaks.org released the documents online. There are serious threats to his life including from the US military and the CIA.

If you want to know more about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.org you can catch him with Mark Davis and his month with Julian Assange on Dateline, SBS One, Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 8.30pm.

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