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World Cup 2010: A Diego Maradona World Cup?

Written by: on 28th June 2010 |
World Cup 2010: A Diego Maradona World Cup?  | read this item

Twenty-four years ago, Diego Maradona was the star of the 1986 World Cup. He was superb in the field and making goals and iconic moves that was up to now unmatched. He was forever to be remembered as the player of the century.

Maradona scored the so called, “Goal of the Century” during the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals game over England. Argentina was victorious 2-1. His two goals in that match was remembered in the annals of World Cup history. One goal was controversially negative and the other one was controversially positive.

The first goal as many called was “bad” and “illegal”. Maradona called it, “Hand of God”. This refers to the goal when Maradona purposefully punched the ball in.

The other goal which many remembers and applauded was the spectacular, darting 50-yard run that was voted greatest in the history of the World Cup and hailed by many as the “Goal of the Century.”

“Victory always feels great,” Maradona said. “As a coach, as a player, there is not a major difference.”

Diego Maradona’s life had been controversial as well. He had encounter and had battled many addictions. His close ties with Fidel Castro was at some point the ploy of political intrigues. His fashion was even highlighted, most of these highlights is his famous double wrist watch.

When Maradona became the coach of the Argentina football team he has no managerial and coaching experience as a whole. It seems to many that he would not be as effective as someone who had an experience. It might be shrewd and beyond the ordinary that they see him using odd and risky tactics which for many will not be appropriate. The press had not been kind to him as well.

For Maradona, now seems to be retribution time as all of the matches of Argentina so far were very good and convincing wins. His tactics was not being questioned anymore for it had been proven that it is effective. The main reason is perhaps their enemies are not familiar with them.

As Argentina and Diego Maradona faces Germany on Saturday they are full of confidence that this time they will mean. The quarterfinals match will be a rematch of sorts which in which Germany had emerged victorious before.

During the 2006 quarterfinals Germany won and during the 1990 World Cup finals Germany also won over Argentina. This time, it’s 2010 and four years after will Argentina be the victor? That remains to be seen/

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