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World Cup 2010 Finals: Who Hates Paul the Octopus?

Written by: on 11th July 2010 |
World Cup 2010 Finals: Who Hates Paul the Octopus?  | read this item

World Cup 2010 Finals: Spain vs Netherlands and Paul the Octopus – Who hates Paul The Octopus? Well if you hate this oracle Octopus then I am one with you. I personally hate it when animals are used in publicity stunts and acts like this. The animal’s rights is being abused and fans are being fooled to believe that Paul actually predicts the games.

First and foremost, have you seen the available videos of Paul the Octopus and his predictions. The tank were he usually pick is the one on the right, or the tank nearest to him. Why would that tank be there always and why would Paul pick that? Who sets up the tank?

Now you get my reasoning, the tank is setup by someone else who knows the behavior of Paul the Octopus and who also knows football odds. If there is someone who is noteworthy of being accurate in his predictions is the handler of the Octopus. However, the Octopus gets all the credit.

I also hate the Netherlands vs Spain game predictions since it ruins the game excitement and suspense. The suspense of the game gets stolen by a sea creature and when that chosen team wins the Octopus gets the credit for being the first one to predict. That is so lame!

Then the third reason is the psychological effect of this predictions to the team not being picked. In the Netherlands vs Spain World Cup 2010 finals, Paul the Octopus predicted the demise of the Dutch. Certainly the Dutch would not like that to happen and would always be reminded in their minds by this prediction. The effect their focus and concentration gets destructed.

So when I watch the Netherlands vs Spain live stream later today I will hope and pray that Paul The Octopus is wrong… I certainly want for the creature to fail and hopefully he gets released. Poor creature.

If you hate Paul The Octopus as well then leave a comment below and let us hope that he gets freed soon.

This will be one game that I hope the Octopus did not predict right. Go Netherlands!

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  1. chronos says:

    are you serious! it’s called the fucking PREDICTION. it’s just make the game more exciting. The players are professional, they dont get fussy over a small thing like this. And how the heck this is bad for Paul? He got the food! and set up? i lolz my ass off. It’s ok to admit that England lost and you have noone to blame!!!

  2. yadnya says:

    ya…this decision of octopus has ruined our excitement….hope thoso people will release him

  3. nevermore says:

    What a ridiculous comment. Of course the Germans would have set up the tank on the side he sat when he predicted Germany to lose to Spain. He crawled over both boxes several times and it took him up to 70 minutes to decide.

    As for setting him free: Paul was born in the aquarium, and he’s now two and a half years old, very old age for an octopus. If he’s be set free, he’d be dead within a week.

  4. Tom thumb says:

    I Truely Agree with you points, I strongly suggested the Netherlands certainly in favouritizim in the end, they worked so hard for it after all, but then i remembered how fucking smart sea creatures compared to us and my initial thoughts were what the fuck am I doing? “this $200 bucks is going on Spain, cheers mate, this is an advert going out to the “natural solutions” washing up ad with the mop n shit,

  5. Charles Martel is a retard says:

    first of all why is the animals rights being abused, is there some sort of rule that says animals are not allowed to eat, have fame and a nice place to live? Im not saying this octopus can predict football outcomes but if the owner doesnt want fame, why are you trying to take it away from the person or animal he has given it to? Oh yeah and anyone that uses the word lame is well…pretty much an idiot and btw, i dont think you like animals very much do you.

  6. Jim says:

    Not sure if this is serious or not, but the argument is a bit odd to say the least. It’s just a bit of fun and most people do not genuinely believe the octopus is psychic, least of all the players in each team. I highly doubt at the back of the Dutch players’ minds there is a prediction made by an octopus undermining their self belief. It probably is set up or faked in some way (though that is still no guarantee of getting the right result) but that doesn’t make it any less amusing.

  7. Vdst says:

    First of all, I don’t make predictions.
    (Other than, I might have some calimari for diner).

    I am annoyed at the whole thing. I know some people who really get their kicks out by stupid little (massively diluted) superstitions.

    Essentially assigning a predication to an arbitrary result (what box the octopus chooses(?)). I don’t like nonsense beliefs, nor people who take them seriously.

    I don’t understand the whole soccer fan phenomena. The game is very fun to play. I haven’t played in a while, but it is jumping, running, playing! That is fun. Fans, the people who (only) watch, they must have greater imaginations that people who don’t. It really isn’t that fun to watch.
    Maybe that is why they need to add bazaar things to make it more exciting. Hey, They just stretch those imaginations a little further and a mute octopus can tell them who is going to win the game. And then, it is fun to see if the mute octopus, with imaginary power of prediction that they pretend it has, is right about a game that they are not playing.
    It is a long way for enjoyment, why not go outside and get some exercise, run around, enjoy yourself.

    Vdst (The non-predicting human being).

  8. Mr Wolf says:

    Personally, I’ve had enough of this smart arsed octopus, I reckon they should make f—-ng sushi out of him. I’ll predict he’ll taste great! I’ll bet he won’t see that one coming.