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World Cup 2010 Updates: Raymond Domenech and Lamentable France

Written by: on 23rd June 2010 |
World Cup 2010 Updates: Raymond Domenech and Lamentable France  | read this item

France never won a game in the World Cup 2010. Their fans cheered out loudly not for them but for South Africa who defeated them in the last game they had, Tuesday June 22. South Africa defeated France handily 2-1. After the game another controversy befall them, Raymond Domenech refuses to shake South Africa manager’s Carlos Alberto Parreira’s hand. When Parreira tried to talk to him, he was greeted by wild fingers of Domenech.

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Fans were disgyusted including former French captain, Zinidane Zidane. Zidane who himself was involved with a controversy during the 2006 World Cup final. During the finals football remembers his famous head butt and this event damaged his image as a role model. The events now however are far more damaging because it is beyond one player, it is beyond the team. The damage reach the level of France as a country.

It seems the team failed to hear the calls of their own newspapers calling them to at least leave a good legacy in the World Cup 2010. French newspapers headlines reads: “A Bit of Dignity” read the headline on the daily Le Parisien. “Respect Your Supporters” read France Soir.

“They’re being spat upon. Maybe they deserve it,” Zidane told a news conference Monday in Johannesburg.

Though for sure most fans around the world are already looking forward to the total demolition of France in this World Cup, it was not expected to come this way. Some says that France is all about Zidane and when he left, the team had become nothing but a vacuum.

On another note Domenech who acted arrogantly after the game did not comment on media questions about his rude behavior with Parreira. When media asked South Africa coach Carlos Alberto Parreira he said, “”I believe it was because I had criticised his team after they qualified [when they controversially beat Ireland in the playoffs], but I really don’t remember.”

It was however more than just a chatter chat as Domench appears to be lecturing the coach. It was a total display of arrogance from someone whose career was destroyed in this World Cup. Laurent Blanc will replace Raymond Domenech as the new manager of the French soccer team. Meanwhile here are the highlights of France vs South Africa.

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