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World Cup 2010: USA vs Ghana, USA lose to Ghana 2-1 2006 Flashback

Written by: on 26th June 2010 |
World Cup 2010: USA vs Ghana, USA lose to Ghana 2-1 2006 Flashback  | read this item

June 22, 2006 at Nuremburg, Germany; Ghana defeated the United States 2-1 during the World Cup 2006. It was a heartbreaking lose for the USA and they leave for home defeated.

Watching this game reveals how Ghana managed to win over the USA and it also shows some controversial calls of the referee and the contested penalty kick in the end which many says is a bad call.

However, a comment from one of the many videos of the World Cup 2006 USA vs Ghana game said, “2010 will provide same results cos US plays very low ranked nations? to qualify to the WC. Ghana is plaeying to 30 countries to qualify…”

Will the USA have the same fate this time? That is about to be seen today as the two face each other once more at 14:30 EDT at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg. You can watch the live stream game later today at one of the reliable sources of free online streams, Mioboo.com.

Meanwhile here is the video of the memorable 2006 World Cup match between USA and Ghana:

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  1. Mahesh says:

    USA loses to Ghana primarily due to lack of aggressive-offense. Coaching was below par for all 4 matches, just lucky with 2 goals vs UK, vs Algeria. It wasnt to be again. Coach bradlee, Dempsey, and #4, #15 should all retire. Need to get a Wotld Cup winning coach to coach US tam for 2014, 2018. Infuse 18 year old to be in team, so they are there for us the next 2 world cup. Get them to play soccer, fast, and strong legs. US team looks like wimps – sorry, they are old, flimsy, unfit to play 90 minutes. Team did best, coaching was below par, so also team formation. Go USA!!!

  2. Mioboo says:

    […] comment on the article by WWNN (World Wide News Network) when it posted the World Cup 2006: USA vs Ghana said, “USA loses to Ghana primarily due to […]