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Yahoo! GeoCities Signed Off Today.

Written by: on 27th October 2009 |
Yahoo! GeoCities Signed Off Today.  | read this item

Today is the end of the road and it has been a wonderful 15 years, Yahoo! Finally closed its GeoCities for better and good. Today, October 26 makes the end of the memorable years and countless homemade websites that was popularized and called Geocities their own home.

Yes indeed, one of the best services that hosted the first website for a specific generation is set to close now. Farewell to old friends! For all the Geocities users, you have been given a lot of warnings to make sure that you saved and backed up all your data before the Yahoo pulled out the limelights for GeoCities.

Meanwhile, the Geocities Project Team, particularly the archive team said that they are doing their best to archive as many Geocities pages as possible and some of the memorable internet history will be preserved for future references and usage.

As the Yahoo Geocities team wrote about the shutdown earlier this month:

Back in the proverbial day, GeoCities was the place where many a modern-day internet nerd cut his or her teeth. After a spectacular dot com purchase of $3.65 billion and an equally spectacular dot com bust, its closure marks the end of one of the earliest ages of the social web.

Yahoo, of course, has been busy slimming down and cutting costs under CEO Carol Bartz. With the company’s focus elsewhere, it makes sense to shut down what is essentially an internet relic. Still, to those who look back with nostalgia, October 26 could well be a wistful day.

If we will remember few months ago, Dreamhost has offered a limited two year free domain and webhosting package for all GeoCities members. But now, Yahoo! offered an upgrading of premium host plan for $4.99 per month.

Now, let us all reminisce and tell us now all your memories about Geocities by making your comments below.

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  1. Jacob Fiint says:

    oh my.. we’ll miss geocities.. forever. :(

  2. Paulo says:

    Goodbye! Geocities…