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YouTube 2 Days: 2 Days to Share Your Day

Written by: on 22nd July 2010 |
YouTube 2 Days: 2 Days to Share Your Day  | read this item

Share your day and your story and be part of a global documentary. Yes, “YouTube 2 Days” that appears on the left hand corner is the official countdown to July 24 when Life In A Day officially begins and everyone is invited to share their video and what they fear, what they love and more.

Kevin MacDonald, the Oscar-winning director is the lead to this latest project in partnership with YouTube, Sundance Institute and LG. Life in A Day is executive produced by Ridley Scott.

So whenever you see YouTube 2 Days be reminded that you have 2 days to prepare and share whatever you want the world to see. This will be a time capsule which would be remembered for hundreds of years.

Here is Kevin McDonald discussing about what we need to know about YouTube 2 Days and Life In A Day.

YouTube Preview Image

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